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May 27, 2011

Meet Freddie Mercury


Fred's 1st photo

There’s a puppy in the house!  We have a new addition to our family.  Freddie Mercury.  But you can call him Fred.

We found him on Petfinder a couple weeks ago and immediately fell in love.  And that was with just the photos.  His profile said he was 8 years old and in serious need of some love.  While we waited for our adoption application to get approved, we created all sorts of sad stories about the poor guy, tried to guess why he is named after Queen, and discussed how much he needed us and Lucy.  We were convinced we were the only people in the world that would adopt him at his old age of 8.

Last night was our home visit and we all met for the first time.  He arrived at the front door and oops…this dog is not 8 years old.  There was a typo on the website.  He is 8 months old!  We intentionally selected a much older dog, but there was no way we could send this little guy back.  Even if he has horrible manners and peed on my rug 3 times.  Lucy gave her approval and he is part of the family now.  He also started obedience training immediately.

May 25, 2011

Orange Aviators

I was on a hunt for sunglasses when the fiancé walked in wearing a pair of orange aviators that looked ridiculous on him and great on me.  I kept my last pair of expensive (meaning not purchased at Target) glasses for over a year.  Then I left them in my car when I traded it in.  My eyes suffered for 3 long months as I scoured ebay and deal sites for the perfect pair by Tom Ford or Kate Spade.  I can’t justify spending over $100 on something I treat like a piece of poo.  I was also craving something trendy and couldn’t swallow the hefty price tag for a fad I will despise in a matter of minutes.  That’s why I promptly made his gas-station purchased, orange aviators mine.  I am now a recovered sunglasses snob and member of the SSA.  I might even run for office next election.

Don’t you think the plastic orange is even hotter when you factor in the $8 receipt?  I also like to think they are character defining.  It is most definitely a statement of confidence.  My pose in the car is also quite the statement.  It reminds me of a myspace profile pic c. 2003.

Deuces and smooches,

May 20, 2011

The Hood Internet

Could it be true…I finally found a Radiohead song I like!  Okay, it is a mashup by The Hood Internet but the whale cries are in there.  And I approve!  Thanks to Dana, a fellow music lover, for introducing me.  I guess I have been living under a rock.  The Hood Internet has been around since 2007.  Dana pulled me out of the darkness.

They specialize in mashups of hip-hop and indie rock.  It’s perfect because hip-hop is a secret love of mine when I want to pretend like I am not super white and know the difference between gangsta and gangster.  I’m still working on that one btw.  All of their mashups are pretty bad ass.  I can’t even pick a fave.  They definitely trump Girl Talk in my book.

The Hood Internet

May 19, 2011

Candid Thoughts by Yours Truly

Typically when I want a little drama in my life, I turn to my guilty pleasure, the Real Housewives.  Now I just go down the street to Bishop Arts.  I used to think I would always be a voyeur and not a participant because unlike my reality shows, I like to keep my life drama free (unfortunately that makes for a boring blog).  But sometimes my little ‘hood turns into an episode of RH.

Part of my relationship with a former friend could be pulled from a season in NYC.  I claim the sane one, Bethenny.  Direct, opinionated, yet somehow still lovable (insert smile here).  Ha!  My former friend is Jill.  Bat shit crazy and…you know the rest.  Unfortunately she lives in the Cliff.  10 very close blocks away to be exact.  When our paths cross like they did last week, I do what every mature 30 year old woman does.  I pretend like I don’t see her.  Even when she is sitting just a table away.  It’s working so far.

Our ending was like breaking up with an awful boyfriend.  Confusion amongst mutual friends and half ass attempts to reach out until a major a-ha moment.  She was not a good person for me and I do not want her in my life.  My Jill did not change over the years.  I just opened my eyes…and my mouth (shocking).  I say what you and everyone else is thinking.  That didn’t go well with her personality or our friendship.  Is my candid opinion a good thing?  Eh…take it or leave it.  At least I am self-aware.  A friend once compared this to me always being naked.  He is spot on.  I thought I had an exhibitionist side…

Now where is Sonya when I need her.  I want her to declare a pecking order for all the 75208 eateries.

May 17, 2011

Gastronaut in the Cliff

I have guests in town from McKinney this evening and I got put in charge of selecting the restaurant (my local readers will get the joke).  As a self proclaimed gastronaut (foodie is much too pretentious), I feel it is my responsibility to introduce them the culinary delights in the Cliff, also knows as N Oak Cliff.  A few selections I sent them are below in case you too have guests from McKinney someday.

Fresh and local food with the best cocktails in the city. Also one of my favorite patios.

Decent beer selection but amazing daily specials. Their menu is a small representation of what they serve each day. Interesting worthless piece of knowledge – it is in a former Dairy Queen.

This place is a little more formal but still easy going with a southern influence. Excellent martinis and my #1 pick for mac n cheese in all of Dallas. Maybe even the world.

If your guests aren’t feeling the Cliff because they made a judgment when they saw the 15 tire shops on Davis, you can take them to Meddlesome Moth, a gastropub in the Design District.  It is for the adventurous diner. Half of my guests will love it and the other half will be frightened by it if I tell them what sweetbreads really is.  BTW, The Moth also gets bonus points for their uber clever url.

May 8, 2011

Life Rule #16

This Mother’s Day you can de-stinkify lilies with a squirt of vodka.  The same works for children.

Tip Courtesy of Nick W.

May 6, 2011

Friday Dance Party

It is FRIDAY!  And I only worked 3 days this week.   Since I couldn’t have wine with lunch (that would be very inappropriate and unprofessional), I am having a dance party in my office at the moment.  My band of choice is The Bird and The Bee.  The recommended song is Polite Dance Song.  Even my office chair boogy has to be appropriate.  No wine at lunch and polite dance songs…such a tragedy.

But please do check out The Bird and The Bee.  They fall within my usual genre.  Indie/synthpop/alternative.  Somethings never change.

The Bird and The Bee

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