Gastronaut in the Cliff

I have guests in town from McKinney this evening and I got put in charge of selecting the restaurant (my local readers will get the joke).  As a self proclaimed gastronaut (foodie is much too pretentious), I feel it is my responsibility to introduce them the culinary delights in the Cliff, also knows as N Oak Cliff.  A few selections I sent them are below in case you too have guests from McKinney someday.

Fresh and local food with the best cocktails in the city. Also one of my favorite patios.

Decent beer selection but amazing daily specials. Their menu is a small representation of what they serve each day. Interesting worthless piece of knowledge – it is in a former Dairy Queen.

This place is a little more formal but still easy going with a southern influence. Excellent martinis and my #1 pick for mac n cheese in all of Dallas. Maybe even the world.

If your guests aren’t feeling the Cliff because they made a judgment when they saw the 15 tire shops on Davis, you can take them to Meddlesome Moth, a gastropub in the Design District.  It is for the adventurous diner. Half of my guests will love it and the other half will be frightened by it if I tell them what sweetbreads really is.  BTW, The Moth also gets bonus points for their uber clever url.


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