Candid Thoughts by Yours Truly

Typically when I want a little drama in my life, I turn to my guilty pleasure, the Real Housewives.  Now I just go down the street to Bishop Arts.  I used to think I would always be a voyeur and not a participant because unlike my reality shows, I like to keep my life drama free (unfortunately that makes for a boring blog).  But sometimes my little ‘hood turns into an episode of RH.

Part of my relationship with a former friend could be pulled from a season in NYC.  I claim the sane one, Bethenny.  Direct, opinionated, yet somehow still lovable (insert smile here).  Ha!  My former friend is Jill.  Bat shit crazy and…you know the rest.  Unfortunately she lives in the Cliff.  10 very close blocks away to be exact.  When our paths cross like they did last week, I do what every mature 30 year old woman does.  I pretend like I don’t see her.  Even when she is sitting just a table away.  It’s working so far.

Our ending was like breaking up with an awful boyfriend.  Confusion amongst mutual friends and half ass attempts to reach out until a major a-ha moment.  She was not a good person for me and I do not want her in my life.  My Jill did not change over the years.  I just opened my eyes…and my mouth (shocking).  I say what you and everyone else is thinking.  That didn’t go well with her personality or our friendship.  Is my candid opinion a good thing?  Eh…take it or leave it.  At least I am self-aware.  A friend once compared this to me always being naked.  He is spot on.  I thought I had an exhibitionist side…

Now where is Sonya when I need her.  I want her to declare a pecking order for all the 75208 eateries.


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