The Hood Internet

Could it be true…I finally found a Radiohead song I like!  Okay, it is a mashup by The Hood Internet but the whale cries are in there.  And I approve!  Thanks to Dana, a fellow music lover, for introducing me.  I guess I have been living under a rock.  The Hood Internet has been around since 2007.  Dana pulled me out of the darkness.

They specialize in mashups of hip-hop and indie rock.  It’s perfect because hip-hop is a secret love of mine when I want to pretend like I am not super white and know the difference between gangsta and gangster.  I’m still working on that one btw.  All of their mashups are pretty bad ass.  I can’t even pick a fave.  They definitely trump Girl Talk in my book.

The Hood Internet


2 Comments to “The Hood Internet”

  1. Do you have a link to one of their mixtapes? I tried but the link failed. As a DJ and lover of music I really want to hear their stuff. I have never heard indie tracks mixed with hip hop and Im curious of how it sounds. I usually do an R&B song over a hip hop beat. It gives it that 90’s remix feel. Check out my latest mashup of Boys II Men x Im On One at my blog!

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