Orange Aviators

I was on a hunt for sunglasses when the fiancé walked in wearing a pair of orange aviators that looked ridiculous on him and great on me.  I kept my last pair of expensive (meaning not purchased at Target) glasses for over a year.  Then I left them in my car when I traded it in.  My eyes suffered for 3 long months as I scoured ebay and deal sites for the perfect pair by Tom Ford or Kate Spade.  I can’t justify spending over $100 on something I treat like a piece of poo.  I was also craving something trendy and couldn’t swallow the hefty price tag for a fad I will despise in a matter of minutes.  That’s why I promptly made his gas-station purchased, orange aviators mine.  I am now a recovered sunglasses snob and member of the SSA.  I might even run for office next election.

Don’t you think the plastic orange is even hotter when you factor in the $8 receipt?  I also like to think they are character defining.  It is most definitely a statement of confidence.  My pose in the car is also quite the statement.  It reminds me of a myspace profile pic c. 2003.

Deuces and smooches,


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