Meet Freddie Mercury


Fred's 1st photo

There’s a puppy in the house!  We have a new addition to our family.  Freddie Mercury.  But you can call him Fred.

We found him on Petfinder a couple weeks ago and immediately fell in love.  And that was with just the photos.  His profile said he was 8 years old and in serious need of some love.  While we waited for our adoption application to get approved, we created all sorts of sad stories about the poor guy, tried to guess why he is named after Queen, and discussed how much he needed us and Lucy.  We were convinced we were the only people in the world that would adopt him at his old age of 8.

Last night was our home visit and we all met for the first time.  He arrived at the front door and oops…this dog is not 8 years old.  There was a typo on the website.  He is 8 months old!  We intentionally selected a much older dog, but there was no way we could send this little guy back.  Even if he has horrible manners and peed on my rug 3 times.  Lucy gave her approval and he is part of the family now.  He also started obedience training immediately.


2 Comments to “Meet Freddie Mercury”

  1. Yeah- congrats to you all:-)

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