Wedding Shoe FAIL

The first thing I selected for the wedding was a pair of shoes.  It was also the only thing I selected for several months.  Robin and I did some post-engagement shopping when I spotted these beauties.  The store was fresh out of 6.5 so I placed my order online.  They arrived, I tried them on, I admired them, and I promptly tucked them away for safe keeping.  Fast forward to last night when I got the urge to try them on again.  I happened to be wearing a short white dress just like I will be on October 8th.  They fit like a glove and were just as beautiful as I remembered…

That was until I looked in the full length mirror.  I looked like I belonged at Mr Hefner’s mansion and the only thing missing was a set of silicone twins and a silk nightie.  Who would have thought satin shoes with a decorative puff would look like trashy lingerie shoes?  Not this bride.

The shoes are going back.  All other wedding planning must come to a halt while I search for the perfect pair of practical 4” heels that I can teeter around the yard in during our outdoor, lakeside wedding.


2 Comments to “Wedding Shoe FAIL”

  1. awwww…i love those shoes! if u were wearing a long dress they could be your secret “something blue”…oh well 😦

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