How to Make a Beer Shirt Office Appropriate

We all do it.  Occasionally we toe the line of office appropriate apparel.  I just do it more than most.  I am a rebel that way.  The man can’t keep me down!  I have a few beer shirts I have been trying to circulate into my business casual wardrobe, which I have now renamed eclectic business casual.  I created a few tips so you too can wear your favorite questionable T more often.

  1. It is best to test the waters on casual Friday.  Pair the T with jeans.  Make sure the jeans are in good condition so as to not create unnecessary attention to everything else you are wearing.
  2. Select a beer T that has a graphic print rather than a blatant logo. Unless your coworkers are as cool as you, they won’t know that your chest is emblazoned with Stone gargoyle.
  3. Now add a pair of heels.  You are not going to a BBQ, so flip flops are unacceptable.
  4. Accessorize! My preferred statement piece is a giant cocktail ring.  Pick your poison.
  5. Most office spaces are cold.  This is a perfect opportunity to wear a cardigan to dress it up.  You can also button up if the boss makes an expected appearance.
  6. Lastly, by all means, make sure it is a good beer!



2 Comments to “How to Make a Beer Shirt Office Appropriate”

  1. Hahahaha. This is great. I’m pretty determined to wear what I feel like around here too. Mostly because I don’t particularly like the job, they don’t let me listen to my iPod (stupid, right?), I have to eat my lunch in the kitchen (and it’s an UNPAID LUNCH), and the pay isn’t great. I’m gonna get something out of the deal! I wear jeans every single day. EVERY day. And on Fridays and Saturdays, I push it. I wear fitted tees. Last week Saturday, I even wore flip-flops. What’s that new saying? “WHO GON’ CHECK ME, BOO?”

  2. Sneaky Mac Sneaky! I thought your outfit today wasi preppy chisc. I was bamboozled!

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