The Dirty Truth

I have a couple dirty truths on Come Clean Friday.  That’s a new holiday I just created for myself.

I have almost convinced the fiance to start a food blog.  Think of the Sartorialist but for food.  And maybe whisk in a little commentary.  But there is a dilemma (i.e. dirty truth).  The blog will be like getting a new puppy.  The excitement will wane as soon as effort is required.  That means I will take over to clean up the piss.  No complaints here, but you can bet your muffins that I will take credit for all the deliciousness that gets prepared in our kitchen!  I was recently promoted to Sous Chef and plan to take over as Executive soon.  At least on nights I feel like cooking.

The second dirty truth took place while dining on one of my creations…I have a big mouth and not much of a filter.

Me:  Hot damn!  This is good!  Do you mind if I put this on my blog?
The Fiance:  *blink blink*
Me:  What?
The Fiance:  You post countless personal things about me but you ask for approval to post a recipe?
Me: Touche…

How could I argue with that?  You guys probably know more things about him than his own mother.


One Comment to “The Dirty Truth”

  1. The second dirty truth wins. Lol. Too funny.

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