Groupon Sucker

I had an interesting experience this week.  I got a spray tan.  Not the kind where you step into a giant capsule looking thing and get coated with sticky orange stuff.  But the real looking spray tan.

I got suckered with another Groupon.  This one was 75% off the fancy, less orange tan.  I told the fiance a few nights ago what I was doing.  He raised a disapproving eyebrow and made a sarcastic comment with an obscure analogy.  Whatever.  This pasty white girl needs some color and I don’t want premature wrinkles.

I was a little nervous when I arrived at the salon.  I had heard how these things worked and knew what was coming…  I stood naked in a room while an adorable, skinny girl with a gun full of paint went at me.  She did offer me an optional sheer thong for modesty purposes, which I gladly accepted.  4 long hours and about 16 inspections in the mirror later, I was able to shower.  What happened next?  I watched it all wash down the drain.  Surely it wasn’t all gone.  I still had the fake tan stink.  Later that evening I casually mentioned to the fiance that I got sprayed.  He looked up and said, “Did they miss a spot?”  Like my entire body.


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