So I thought I was preggers

So I thought I was preggers.  Turns out I’m not.  Whew.  I even cancelled a couple happy hours worried that I would intoxicate my fetus!  My panic came to a close after a week or two of raging PMS hormones, not bun in the oven hormones, and a very delayed start.  But then it hit me…it is okay if I get pregnant now.  I have a husband!  Wouldn’t that be lovely?  Getting knocked up a week after the nuptials.  Thankfully I am not with child and we do not have any immediate plans to change that.  Now you all can stop asking when a baby is coming.


One Comment to “So I thought I was preggers”

  1. holy crap! Talk about a headline! At first I was all like “Whoa,” and then I was all like “whew.”

    When you do decide to have a kid, I’m sure it will be awesome… and now every time I ask you to happy hour and you say no I will immediately assume you have a bun in the oven.

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