The Perfect Pump

I have discovered the most illusive accessory every well-dressed woman is looking for.  The perfect nude pump at under $100.  Perfect 4” heel,  perfect 1” platform, perfect square toe that is not too square, perfect shade.  It is like finding the Mr Right of the shoe world.  Sure it is a piece of cake if you have $600 to drop on a pair of Brian Atwood beauties.  Well now I can have my cake and eat it too.  In fact, I am having two pieces of cake because I bought two pairs of the same shoe.  They are that tasty.  I also don’t want to be on a desperate hunt for nude pumps again when my pair starts to show a little wear.

They are my go to shoe for everything.  Literally everything.  Keep in mind that I wear heels like most people wear sneakers.  Paired with a chic sheath on Tuesday and then jeans and a fedora on Thursday.  They even made an appearance at the driving range on Friday when I forgot my golf shoes.  Like I said, they are perfect.


7 Comments to “The Perfect Pump”

  1. Thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely have to check these out. So far, my favorite brand of heels has been White House Black Market – they are sooo comfortable. Have you ever tried that brand?

  2. Nothing beats a comfy nude pump! They are so versatile…luv them : )

  3. Oh gorgeous! I’m obsessed with nude pumps and this one is perfect!

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