Holiday Gift: Classic Timepiece

Already stressed about finding a present for your man?  No need to worry.  I did all the leg work for you.  But I am assuming you have the same impeccable taste as me.

My favorite piece of wrist candy this season is by Braun.  Yes, that old electric razor company.  It probably sounds a little cliche to give your SO a watch for Christmas, but this one is worth it and you won’t have to pay absurd Rolex prices.  I adore classic timepieces.  Thin leather bands with an almost completely flat face.  It is subtle and tasteful.

If you are a professional (young or old), do not wear the clunky and chunky disaster of a trend you see on so many men.  It is like putting ghettofied rims on your car.  Do you really want to wear a piece of ghetto on your wrist?  Or better yet…ladies, do you really want to be seen with your man while he is wearing a piece of ghetto on his wrist?  I didn’t think so.

Give him the gift of style this holiday season.




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