Come Clean Friday

I wore a Snuggie in a bar.  Not because I was participating in a pub crawl or because I thought it was cute.   I was freezing and it was the only thing in my car that could keep me warm.  It was a white elephant gift a couple years ago that quickly became the dog blanket.  I can mentally hear everyone breathe a sigh of relief.

We were watching football in a bad ass beer bar (The Friendly Spot), and I was wearing a pink Snuggie.  Okay, the husband was watching football.  I was tweeting and deciding what team has the best uniform.  The Friendly Spot is an outdoor bar and on this chilly evening, even a beer buzz couldn’t keep me warm.  So, I shamefully put on the Snuggie.  At first I tried to wear it like a chic shawl.  Yeah right…a chic, fleece, pepto pink shawl.  I eventually wiggled it up around me and wore it like a bathrobe.  Just like they do in the commercials.  The husband was proud.  So there is my Come Clean Friday story.

PS – If you are ever in San Antonio and like beer, you must visit The Friendly Spot.


One Comment to “Come Clean Friday”

  1. Your wearing a snuggie in public tickles me. I don’t know how people would react to that here. Actually, ya know what? It may become a trend. People are now into wearing sleepcaps. Everywhere. -_-

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