Christmas Favorites

The Christmas season is officially over. Our Charlie Brown tree is on the curb, and the leftover goodies are in the trash. No more temptation for me to eat crap or for Fred to drink from the tree every evening. Now it is time to share with you a few of my favorites from this holiday season.

My favorite holiday decoration. Sherman dressed up as Rudolph. If the name Sherman is causing any confusion, we renamed him when the husband pointed out that Anita was a girl’s name and girl deer do not have antlers.

My favorite gift I gave. Handmade stationary for my mom-in-law. It turned out even better than I expected. And it took longer than I expected.

My favorite gift I received. It is a close race. It was my iPad (welcome to the end of 2011, self-proclaimed Mac girl!), but I have been wearing my new Bose noise cancelling headphones all evening while the husband watches golf. They just might be a godsend.

One of my favorite moments. Watching the husband and his grandma laugh until they cried while watching talking animal videos on his phone.

Now we have one major event left; a NYE party hosted by us! We get to use all our new serving pieces and the 40 place settings we have stored from the wedding. Who wants to do dishes on Jan 1 for me?


One Comment to “Christmas Favorites”

  1. These pictures made me smile!

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