Accidental Mogul Experience

I have a terrible sense of direction, so I shouldn’t be surprised that I unintentionally ended up on a mogul run while in Whistler last week.  I swear the sign side the green run was to the right.  Yeah…you read that correctly.  The girl looking for a green run got a bit of a surprise.

I saw all those bumps and my first thought was “Hmmm, they didn’t do a good job grooming this last night.”  Blonde moment.  I crashed on the first mogul and realized my grave error.  I quickly decided to board on the very edge of the run in an attempt to not touch the bumps.  Crashed again.  Next plan…remove board and walk down the run.  *Eek*  Oh damn.  It is a bit too icy to simply walk without falling several more times.  The final and most glorious plan.  Hold my board on my lap and slide down on my butt feet first.  I actually thought that was a good idea.  Within a few seconds of my sledding trip, I gained so much speed there was no slowing down.  My feet also created a snowplow type of effect that completely covered my face and upper body and left me visionless during my ride.  When I eventually came to a stop, I thanked sweet baby Jesus that I was wearing a pair of husky boys snowboarding pants (they have a couple extra inches of bum padding) and then looked around to see who saw my performance.  The pain and humiliation was nothing that couldn’t be lessened with a hottub and glass of champagne.


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