Salt Tasting Room

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You all know I am beer obsessed; now I am red wine obsessed.  Maybe I am just alcohol obsessed?  Last fall a dear friend introduced me to the proper way to drink red and it has been nothing but love after that.  The proper way is slightly chilled.   Now I am as particular about my red as I am about my beer.  A monster has been created.

While in Vancouver, the husband and I had a really lovely wine experience.  Yelp directed us to Salt Tasting Room for a late evening snack.  They focus on amazing cheese, cured meats, condiments, and of course wine.  I originally selected it because they also pair beer with the aforementioned, but beer wasn’t even a consideration after a quick peek at the wine list.   Now don’t get me wrong.  I still didn’t have a clue what to order.  The waiter was pretty fantastic and selected all of our pairings for us after we told him a few things about our palette preferences.

The space was warm, intimate, but still lively, and incredibly welcoming.  You know that warm and relaxed feeling you get on in the inside when you are about half way through a glass?  It was like all of your senses experienced that as soon as you walked in the door.


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