Gold Sunnies

I looked in the mirror this morning and thought “Damn, girl.  You have pulled together an adorable ensemble.”  I started mentally writing a blog post about all the pieces and how my $12 gold sunnies truly made the outfit.  I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I walked out the front door and didn’t shut it behind me.  Our shepherd puppy, Fred, sensed my lack of awareness and took the opportunity to bolt.

I snapped to reality and flew down the front steps behind him.  I even dropped a perfectly worn brown leather heel in my Cinderella moment.   Dickhead Fred dodged and weaved in his game of “chase.”  I sweated like a pig in my cozy velvet blazer.  I finally won when I tackled him as he was jumping off a retaining wall.  I then slowly picked myself and my 75 lb. puppy up off the ground.  At that moment, there was a group of teens walking to school and trying not to stare in our direction.  Pretty hard to do since I am pretty sure my now very dirty white sheath dress was almost around my waist.  I was a disheveled mess, and Fred was panting in delight.

At least I still have the best part of the outfit intact, my gold sunnies.


3 Comments to “Gold Sunnies”

  1. And you said yesterday that “he is not as bad as Marley.” He is a character!

  2. hahahah! love this. and…i noticed those adorable gold sunnies on Mark’s desk yesterday! you’re lucky you still have them. 😉

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