Pretty Is as Pretty Does

I am really into printmaking at the moment; specifically handmade screen prints, hand pulled prints, and letterpress.  Not the crappy digital prints you get when you think you are ordering handmade prints online.

I have found a few badass artists on Etsy that are also very cheeky.  I love filling up my office walls with cheeky art.  It says what I should not say out loud.  The super cheeky stuff gets strategically placed over my shoulder so my web cam can pick up what I am really thinking.  Now I just need an arrow that flashes and points on demand.  This would be just in case I actually maintain a poker face for once.

My latest purchase is Pretty Is as Pretty Does by B.Haven.



2 Comments to “Pretty Is as Pretty Does”

  1. But as my grandfather said (who was probably your great uncle), “Ugly goes all the way.”

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