Mustaches and Sequins!

I was itching for another party, but I needed a theme.  How about mustaches and sequins?  They go together so well that they deserve a party!  It was a stache bash!

Some of the men on the invite list were bearded, so all they had to do was trim it into a sexy stache.  Those that were not bearded got 2 weeks notice to man up.  Their other alternative was to wear sequins.  You will see that some did…

The ladies finally had an excuse to wear sequins outside of NYE.  We rocked it like a newly legal 21 year old in Uptown.  A few donned mustaches as well.  Thankfully none were real.

We have committed to another party in June.  I think this one might be a play on corporate America.  Of course costumes will be required.

PS – I will be posting the menu soon!  Homemade marshmallows, marinated mushrooms…nom nom nom.



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