Cool Kid-isms

I am afraid of having a boring kid.  Call me crazy, but I want a kid that is pure sass and smart ass…in a respectful way of course.

I am sure a shy and sweet kid would be nice, but what a snoozefest!  I want a terror!  Okay, not a terror.  The kid can’t break my shit or turn our home into a tornado zone.    I just want one that speaks her mind and has a personality that shines a little brighter than the others.  Does it work like that?

Before you ask, NOOOO I am not pregnant.  I just found a hilarious blog that shares the anecdotes of a 4 year old.  I was almost in tears of laughter a couple times.  Cami, I hope my future kid is half as clever as you.


One Comment to “Cool Kid-isms”

  1. I’m hoping for fun children too.
    Babe and I kept one of her friends’ daughter for two week over the summer and it sucked. Not because she was boring. She was annoying. It was like her parents were training her for adulthood at the age of 5. Her language and everything was far too advance. And she was demanding. I think she practices the art of manipulation on her parents who think she is “exceptional” to which I respond, “Exceptionally RUDE!” That is NOT cute. I want a child who is a child… Knows his/her place… And says funny, clever little things to entertain me. Lol.

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