I’ll have a latte!

I am a changed woman.  I like coffee!  Well, I like lattes and cappuccino.  That counts, right?  I love red wine, big beers, and the stranger the food the better, so why did it take me so long to like coffee?

I discovered my new love last week when I tasted the husband’s post dinner cappuccino and a friend’s morning latte.   They were delicious!  And now I just finished my first latte that I ordered by myself for myself!

I had been looking forward to this experience all week.  I was waiting for an empty afternoon to park my butt at The Pearl Cup with my laptop.  That is what the cool kids do, right?  I even pretended like I was the uber creative type writing the great American novel on my Apple computer.  Little did they know I was just writing blog posts.

So, I might have gotten a little excited and slammed that first cup too quickly.  It tasted so wonderful, and it was so pretty, but I don’t feel so good.  I think this is what you coffee drinkers are experiencing when you say you have had too much.


2 Comments to “I’ll have a latte!”

  1. Haha. I think it’s different when you have the GOOD stuff. I’ve only had about two sips that I liked. *shrugs* I prefer chocolate anyway. But I DO love those cool pictures they put on the coffee beverages.

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