Einstein or Jesus Quiz!

Remember when people used to immediately ask you what you do for a living as a way to get to know you?  How tacky!  The husband and I have found a much more discreet way to pass judgment and determine whether or not you are our people.  Besides, a profession doesn’t tell you much about a person.  Unless, of course, you are a gold digger.  Then it might be important.

Instead of the job question, we ask new people what neighborhood they live in.  It is so telling!  After this preliminary question, we get a little deeper with questions about their personal preferences.  Remember the Einstein or Jesus game?  Well, that is part of it but with a lot more questions.

We are going to approach this like a simple quiz where you pick which one you prefer.  Post a comment or email me with your preferences and I promise I won’t judge you.  That might be a lie.  I promise I won’t publicly judge you.

  • Einstein or Elvis
  • Gin or Vodka
  • College Football or Pro Football
  • Cooking Channel or Food Network
  • Suburbs or City
  • German or Belgian (we are talking beer here)
  • Bottle or Glass (again, we are talking beer)
  • Facebook or Google+
  • Yelp or Foursquare
  • Crockpot or Le Creuset
  • Craft or Commerce
  • Analog or Digital

And last but not least, Einstein or Jesus.  The husband and I even disagree on that one.  Which one do you think I chose?


3 Comments to “Einstein or Jesus Quiz!”

  1. Einstein vs Elvis is so HARD. Whyyyyy?! Ummm… Einstein! (He didn’t kill himself, did he?)
    Vodka! Pro. Food Network. Suburbs vs. City? Gaaah! Ummm… Burbs. Beer? I hate it all. *shrugs* Glass. FB. Ummm… Don’t really know what Yelp is, and don’t care for Foursquare, particularly since neither of them really work here. Lol. No idea what LeCreuset is. Lol. Commerce. Digital.
    Am I cool?!
    Let’s just remember now, that I LOVE your wheelbarrow chair.
    Also, YES, I have Pinterest. I’m just getting started with pinning. I signed up via FB, so you can probably find me as “Alicia Wallace” on there. 🙂

  2. People use foursquare here. I only know b/c I see it in their tweets. But in the US and Canada, aren’t there real life prizes and stuff? No such thing here. They’re just letting the stalkers know where they are. Another reason I don’t like it. This island is too small (21 x 7 miles) to let people know where I am. Too many crazies, I kid you not!
    Yay! I’ll follow you back (or whatever it’s called) on Pinterest.

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