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February 15, 2012

Accidental Mogul Experience

I have a terrible sense of direction, so I shouldn’t be surprised that I unintentionally ended up on a mogul run while in Whistler last week.  I swear the sign side the green run was to the right.  Yeah…you read that correctly.  The girl looking for a green run got a bit of a surprise.

I saw all those bumps and my first thought was “Hmmm, they didn’t do a good job grooming this last night.”  Blonde moment.  I crashed on the first mogul and realized my grave error.  I quickly decided to board on the very edge of the run in an attempt to not touch the bumps.  Crashed again.  Next plan…remove board and walk down the run.  *Eek*  Oh damn.  It is a bit too icy to simply walk without falling several more times.  The final and most glorious plan.  Hold my board on my lap and slide down on my butt feet first.  I actually thought that was a good idea.  Within a few seconds of my sledding trip, I gained so much speed there was no slowing down.  My feet also created a snowplow type of effect that completely covered my face and upper body and left me visionless during my ride.  When I eventually came to a stop, I thanked sweet baby Jesus that I was wearing a pair of husky boys snowboarding pants (they have a couple extra inches of bum padding) and then looked around to see who saw my performance.  The pain and humiliation was nothing that couldn’t be lessened with a hottub and glass of champagne.

January 5, 2012

NYE Menu

The husband and I had our first NYE party as a married couple.  He swore off hosting NYE events because “everyone else does.”  Well our cooking and parties are a lot better than everyone else’s.  ‘Nuff said.  I complimented his mad kitchen skills (which truly is amazing) and then very little effort was needed to change his mind.  The party was my excuse to use all the serving pieces we got as wedding presents.  I also wanted a short commute to bed.

It was a big success; loads of laughter, music, food, and booze along with 3 very fat and happy dogs.  It was a good party.  Of course I forgot to take pics during the party, but I did take photos documenting the mess around 330 am New Year’s Day.  Champagne makes me creative.

This is absolutely going to be a recurring event.  We are thinking once a quarter.

The party menu

  • Roasted dates with parmesan and bacon
  • Curry chicken salad on crostini
  • Deviled eggs
  • Cold carrot soup
  • Asparagus with prosciutto and goat cheese
  • Oven roasted tomatoes
  • Homemade bread
  • Spiced roasted nuts
  • Citrus marinated olives
  • Homemade salsa and queso (no velveeta!)
  • Texas caviar
  • Sausage, cheeses and crackers (and Fred ate half of it)
  • Blueberry and blackberry cake

November 21, 2011

Popcorn Recipe and a Bottle of Cristal

popcornI was making popcorn for dinner tonight and it occurred to me that a lot of you might not know how to properly pop corn.  Eating popcorn from a microwavable bag is like drinking Budweiser.  Or something else equally offensive.

Around 2 pm, the husband sent me an IM to remind me of his work dinner that I, of course, forgot about.  I immediately did a mental inventory check of our liquor cabinet, aka bottom of the pantry, and recalled a delicious bottle of Cristal champagne.  Okay, I left off a few letters.  It was Cristalino, Cristal’s ugly step-sister.  Whatever.  It does the trick and is delicious. I got home, sent the hubby off to dinner and settled in with Cristal(ino), popcorn, and a plethora of magazines.  Monday nights are good.  Now let’s see how Tuesday morning feels.

And here is how you properly pop corn.

  • Grab a standard pot.  A 2 quart saucepan will do.
  • Warm it up on medium high to high and add enough olive oil to cover the bottom.  Then add a little extra.
  • When it starts to feel warm, add the corn and cover with the lid slightly cracked.
  • It will start popping, so let it do it’s thing.
  • Now it is time to get creative!  Toss with S&P, but only the good stuff. Sea salt and fresh ground pepper.  Maybe drizzle with a little truffle oil or sprinkle with parmesan cheese.  Sometimes it is nice to add a little spice too.  You decide.

I can handle a Monday like this every week.

January 26, 2011

Half Marathon Training and Champagne

Ice and Champagne

I got tricked.  The fiancé has been trying to get me to train for a marathon for the last year.  My answer was always a very adamant NO.  Then one night after a couple glasses of wine, he suggested a half marathon (typical sales tactic).  I whole heartedly said yes at that moment.  I woke up the following morning and thought “SHIT! What the hell did I agree to do!”  I panicked for a week then got on a training schedule with a poor attitude about it.

I quickly learned how important shoes and positive state of mind are when running distance.  Until tonight, I have been running in my super cute Nikes.  And also running with excruciating foot pain.  Ok, not excruciating, but it hurt…bad.  I barely made it a mile last night before I thought I was going to have to hail a cab home.  I was kind of blaming my excessive wear of stilettos for the pain.  I thought it was because my feet weren’t used to this much activity without being elevated 4”!  Thank god I was wrong.  It was just my shitty running shoes.

I hauled my ass to Luke’s this evening and picked up a new pair of kicks specially fitted for my pain.  I was so excited when I got back to my hotel (in H-town again) that I immediately changed into my gear and laced up my not-so-cute Adidas.  I mapped a 1.75 mile route to ease into it.  I finally returned just over 5 miles later happy and in very little pain! The shoes are a hit.  I might have pushed it though…now I’m lying in bed with ice on my foot and champagne in my hand.

My takeaway from this whole experience?  Why can’t good running shoes be cute?  I don’t like spending $135 on something unattractive.

September 4, 2010

Uptown Life Rule #5

Prosecco is always appropriate.

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