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April 14, 2011

Urbano Cafe

BYOB and amazing food…it doesn’t get much better than this.  I’m not talking about the crappy pizza and sandwiches you get at most BYOB joints, but 4 star dining and no cork fees.  Some friends introduced us to Urbano Cafe, a charming restaurant in the ghetto.  I was looking forward to the meal for days and it didn’t let me down.  Mussels and venison carpaccio…mmm.  We enjoy good food but we also enjoy good beverages.  This leads to quite the tab at the end of the night.  That’s not the case with Urbano.  Make reservations because the place is tiny.  The tables are even smaller and you are packed in tight with everyone else.  Exactly the way I love it.  Cozy and unpretentious.

Urbano is next door to Jimmy’s Food Store, so you can make an evening of food and drinks.  Get wine and  gourmet snacks for later at Jimmy’s then head to dinner at Urbano.  If the market is closed or you forget your beverages, you could ask the gentlemen across the street if you could buy a couple 40s off them.  I am sure they would oblige.

Our orders for the evening are below.  We highly recommend all of it and please don’t stop there.

  • Venison Carpaccio
  • Mussels Special
  • Caprese S’mores
  • Pulled Pork Poppers
  • Pumpkin Ravioli
  • Pork Chop Special
  • Beef Tenderloin Special

Bon appetit!

Urbano Cafe

Jimmy’s Food Store

September 26, 2010

Goat Confit

While eating my way through Seattle with the bf, I discovered my love for goat.  The furry animal that has delicious and surprisingly healthy meat.  I’ve had an on going love affair with goat cheese for years.  So, I figured anything that produces milk that tasty must also be good for other things.

The bf and I are adventurous diners and enjoy trying things that are rarely found on traditional menus.  The goat confit at Quinn’s immediately caught our attention for several reasons.  The first being that an adorable English couple sitting next to us raved about it.  They were in Seattle solely to eat.  They even researched foodie blogs months prior to their trip.  We were immediately friends.

The second reason is the description of the dish.  “Goat confit, emmer, foie gras, lamb heart, pickled peppers.”  Who wouldn’t want to try lamb heart?  We learned that emmer is an amazing grain.  We are now on the search for it.

The third reason the goat confit caught my attention may come as a surprise.  I am pretty health obsessed. And I recently read that goat meat has half the calories of a porterhouse and more protein. Not sure how healthy it is when you add the foie gras but I chose to ignore that.  I was on vacation.

Check out Quinn’s if your travels take you to Seattle.  Make sure you ask for Matthew at the bar.  That man is pure genius when it comes to food and beer knowledge.

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