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August 14, 2012

Monday Night Dinner

Last night was our usual Monday night dinner when I cook for the husband.  I got fancy this week and brought out the decanter and candles!  I’ll post recipes soon.  The photos will have to do for now.

July 23, 2012

Monday Night Dinners

I was briefly feeling fancy and smug last week.  I thought I found the secret to happy Mondays, and I was going to be the one to share it with the world.  What’s the secret?  Cooking, vino, and Otis.  Otis Redding that is.

While I was giving myself a congratulatory toast with another sip of wine, I had a moment of pure genius in the kitchen.  I turned on the wrong burner and proceeded to warm a pyrex dish on high.  I was far too caught up in posting a pic of my beautiful artichokes to notice the glowing red.

Do you know what happens to pyrex when you leave it on a burner?  It explodes!  How in the world is it even safe for an oven?  Oh and it doesn’t just explode into pieces that are easy to clean up.  It explodes into teeny, tiny shards that go everywhere.

Thankfully most of the food was covered and could be saved.  What kind of wife would I be if the husband came home to takeout when I always go on about loving to make a special Monday night dinner for just the two of us.

After the incident, I did what any woman would, I had another sip of wine and continued cooking and instagraming without any mention of my oversight.

I haven’t decided what I am cooking tonight, but I know what I am not doing.  Not putting a pyrex on a hot burner.  What are you cooking tonight?


November 7, 2011

Cilantro Green Beans

I am addicted to green beans.  It is one of my many addictions, but this one has stood the test of time.  I am constantly finding ways to reinvent them and still maintain their healthy qualities. Meaning not covered in butter.

I came up with this recipe based on things we had in our fridge.  You can use any mushroom you have, but shiitakes are in season at the moment and have an amazing earthy flavor that makes the beans a little special.

Green beans
Shiitake mushrooms
Chopped cilantro (only fresh!)
Olive oil

Saute the sliced mushrooms with a little butter and olive oil.  Toast chopped walnuts in the mushroom pan with the leftover oil.  Boil the green beans with plenty of salt in the water.  This opens up their flavor.  Also be sure to the keep the beans pretty crisp.  No one likes a limp bean. Drain the beans and toss with olive oil, lemon juice to taste, and fresh chopped cilantro.  S&P to taste.  Plate as you desire with the mushrooms and walnuts.  I like to pile it all.


August 23, 2010

Einstein or Jesus

Einstein. What a handsome devil.

If you follow me on twitter, you have heard me going on about Einstein and Elvis.  While dining on deviled eggs last week (see previous post to get the reference), the bf came up with a new quiz for fellow diners.  You really get to know someone after these simple questions.

The bf: Would you rather have dinner with Albert Einstein or Elvis?
The bf:
Einstein or John Lennon?
The bf:
Ok.  Well what other musical or influential figure.  Mother Teresa or someone?
The bf:
I got it!  Einstein or Jesus?
The bf:
*eyes widen and mouth slightly drops* Jesus has the most published book in the world.  The most widely read biography!
Yep.  Still Einstein.
The bf:
What if someone chose Elvis over Einstein in the first question?
Game over.
The bf:

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