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June 11, 2012

Mayo Expectations

I think I am a bit out of touch when it comes to food expectations.  A girlfriend and I were having lunch at a local eatery last week when I saw the bus boy come out of the kitchen with a giant jug of Kraft Mayo.  I was appalled.  Jaw dropped to the floor, appalled.  I not so discreetly whispered to her that we could not order the deviled eggs, because they didn’t make their own mayonnaise.  She is a fellow foodie, so I thought she would nod in agreement.  Instead I got a head cock with a slight look of amusement.  Why wasn’t the jug of fake mayonnaise offensive to her?!  It’s not like we were sitting in Jimmy John’s.

In an attempt to prevent this restaurant from going on my black list, I asked the waiter about their mayonnaise. I also really wanted deviled eggs.

Me:  Do you make your own mayonnaise?
Waiter:  *Similar head cock with a look of confusion*  I don’t know, but I don’t think so.
Me:  Hmm…that’s disappointing.
Waiter:  Do most restaurants make their own mayo?
Me:  Of course!

But now that I am thinking about it, I don’t know if homemade mayonnaise is a normal expectation.  It is the expectation in my own kitchen, so why not in restaurants?

By the way, we went ahead and ordered the deviled eggs.  Fake mayo and all.  They were awful.

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