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March 15, 2013

#OOTD Mockery

ootdI open up instagram each morning and see the usual #ootd posts, and I think, “Oh, that’s cute.”  Believe it or not, it is not in my usual snarky tone.  Okay, maybe there is a very slight tone.  But come on… I can only see so many ways to wear a blazer with skinnys before my eyes start to roll uncontrollably.  And are all of those hashtags really necessary?  You like to wear labels. I get it.

#ootd posts make me remember when I had a cush corporate job and used to wear pretty dresses everyday.  Now getting dressed up means putting on a bra and a clean pair of jeans.  However, heels continue to and always will be a staple in my daily wardrobe.  With or without the bra and clean jeans.

On a whim of mockery, I decided to take my own #ootd photo.  I even took it in the bathroom, so it would feel super authentic.  It is also the only room in our home that that has a full length mirror.

Cardigan: #JCrew c. 2010
T-shirt: #RaRaRiot tee purchased at their show
Jeans: #Target special!
Scarf: #giftfrommom and not a clue where it came from
Heels: #Boutique9
Cocktail ring: #thriftstore
Nail polish: #wildcactus from #birchbox

So there you have it.  That is my daily uniform these days in all of its hashtag glory!  Switch out the band tee for a beer tee or the cardigan for a blazer, and call it a new day.  AND it is unsex!  Steal my look if you are a man or a woman.  I just made myself giggle out loud.

March 2, 2012

Gold Sunnies

I looked in the mirror this morning and thought “Damn, girl.  You have pulled together an adorable ensemble.”  I started mentally writing a blog post about all the pieces and how my $12 gold sunnies truly made the outfit.  I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I walked out the front door and didn’t shut it behind me.  Our shepherd puppy, Fred, sensed my lack of awareness and took the opportunity to bolt.

I snapped to reality and flew down the front steps behind him.  I even dropped a perfectly worn brown leather heel in my Cinderella moment.   Dickhead Fred dodged and weaved in his game of “chase.”  I sweated like a pig in my cozy velvet blazer.  I finally won when I tackled him as he was jumping off a retaining wall.  I then slowly picked myself and my 75 lb. puppy up off the ground.  At that moment, there was a group of teens walking to school and trying not to stare in our direction.  Pretty hard to do since I am pretty sure my now very dirty white sheath dress was almost around my waist.  I was a disheveled mess, and Fred was panting in delight.

At least I still have the best part of the outfit intact, my gold sunnies.

November 17, 2011

The Perfect Pump

I have discovered the most illusive accessory every well-dressed woman is looking for.  The perfect nude pump at under $100.  Perfect 4” heel,  perfect 1” platform, perfect square toe that is not too square, perfect shade.  It is like finding the Mr Right of the shoe world.  Sure it is a piece of cake if you have $600 to drop on a pair of Brian Atwood beauties.  Well now I can have my cake and eat it too.  In fact, I am having two pieces of cake because I bought two pairs of the same shoe.  They are that tasty.  I also don’t want to be on a desperate hunt for nude pumps again when my pair starts to show a little wear.

They are my go to shoe for everything.  Literally everything.  Keep in mind that I wear heels like most people wear sneakers.  Paired with a chic sheath on Tuesday and then jeans and a fedora on Thursday.  They even made an appearance at the driving range on Friday when I forgot my golf shoes.  Like I said, they are perfect.

August 12, 2011

How to Make a Beer Shirt Office Appropriate

We all do it.  Occasionally we toe the line of office appropriate apparel.  I just do it more than most.  I am a rebel that way.  The man can’t keep me down!  I have a few beer shirts I have been trying to circulate into my business casual wardrobe, which I have now renamed eclectic business casual.  I created a few tips so you too can wear your favorite questionable T more often.

  1. It is best to test the waters on casual Friday.  Pair the T with jeans.  Make sure the jeans are in good condition so as to not create unnecessary attention to everything else you are wearing.
  2. Select a beer T that has a graphic print rather than a blatant logo. Unless your coworkers are as cool as you, they won’t know that your chest is emblazoned with Stone gargoyle.
  3. Now add a pair of heels.  You are not going to a BBQ, so flip flops are unacceptable.
  4. Accessorize! My preferred statement piece is a giant cocktail ring.  Pick your poison.
  5. Most office spaces are cold.  This is a perfect opportunity to wear a cardigan to dress it up.  You can also button up if the boss makes an expected appearance.
  6. Lastly, by all means, make sure it is a good beer!


May 25, 2011

Orange Aviators

I was on a hunt for sunglasses when the fiancé walked in wearing a pair of orange aviators that looked ridiculous on him and great on me.  I kept my last pair of expensive (meaning not purchased at Target) glasses for over a year.  Then I left them in my car when I traded it in.  My eyes suffered for 3 long months as I scoured ebay and deal sites for the perfect pair by Tom Ford or Kate Spade.  I can’t justify spending over $100 on something I treat like a piece of poo.  I was also craving something trendy and couldn’t swallow the hefty price tag for a fad I will despise in a matter of minutes.  That’s why I promptly made his gas-station purchased, orange aviators mine.  I am now a recovered sunglasses snob and member of the SSA.  I might even run for office next election.

Don’t you think the plastic orange is even hotter when you factor in the $8 receipt?  I also like to think they are character defining.  It is most definitely a statement of confidence.  My pose in the car is also quite the statement.  It reminds me of a myspace profile pic c. 2003.

Deuces and smooches,

March 7, 2011

Belgium Favorites

Tourist Attraction: It’s a tie…Atomium and Manneken Pis
Food: Waffles and the cheese that is served with every beer
Beer: De Garre’s house brew
Brewery Tour: Cantillon Brewery
Fashion Trend: Black pantyhose under denim minis with boots
Music: Prince
People: The British tourists we met
Frustration: Asking the locals for directions
Missed Opportunity: I forgot to eat any chocolate
Question: Who shot JR?

January 14, 2011

Marchesa and Teardrop

Fashion and music.  Two of my favorite things.  I made a visit to Marchesa’s website and their music selection immediately caught my attention.  Not to worry, I did not decide to dump my stand against spending a G on dresses.  I was simply looking for inspiration.  I unexpectedly got music inspiration.  If food had been present, it would have been an orgy for my senses.

Led Zeppelin’s The Battle of Evermore plays when you open  This song reminded me of Massive Attack’s Teardrop. Not quite as old or as good as Led Zeppelin, but it is from 1998.  I was a junior in high school.  Sweet Jesus.  Maybe that’s why I immediately felt a sentimental attachment.  Surely Philip will like this selection.


January 12, 2011

Fashion Rules for Men – Part 2

The fiance scolded me after my Fashion Rules for Men post.  He thought I skipped the basics and was way too advanced.  He is right.  I ended up writing my list of pet peeves rather than general rules.  But come on, didn’t you love the rule about hair length?  Maybe he is just bothered that I did not get his thoughts before I pushed the publish button.  So here it goes.  His top 10 list.  Back to basics, boys!

  • Always match your shoes to your belt and match your socks to your pants.
  • Don’t wear the same pattern on the top and bottom.  Stripes on top means no stripes on your pants.
  • Wear clothes that fit.
  • Wear shoes that require polish.
  • Never wear a tie without a jacket.*
  • Don’t be scared of the iron.
  • Never own a jewel toned button down shirt.
  • Know the difference between a half break and a full break.
  • If your facial hair grows in patches, have a meeting with your razor daily.
  • If you are under 30 and you part your hair, realize you have your retirement years to do so.

Hopefully you learned something.

*Unless you are a hipster and know how to buy the appropriate tie and shirt to pull off this sort of thing.

December 26, 2010

Fashion Rules for Men

Listen up men.  Before you start your post-holiday shopping and exchange the god awful sweater mom got you or spend the pile of gift cards, there are a few fashion rules you need to be aware of.  This is in no way a comprehensive list, but you just might be surprised by how guilty you are.  The rules below are in no particular order.

  • Collar stays.  Collar stays.  Collar stays.
  • Back darts are life changing.  1 custom shirt is better than 2 off the rack shirts.
  • Match your socks to your pants.  Not your shoes!
  • Match your shoes to your belt.  When you buy a pair of shoes, go ahead and pick up a belt on the same shopping trip.
  • Your watch is the most important accessory you can wear.
  • Flat is always better.  Ditch the pleats for good.
  • Smell good, but not choke me.  Make sure your scent reflects you.
  • Find a tailor immediately.  The fit of your pants can make or break your whole look.
  • Never ever dye your hair.  Hair length should also be proportionate to the amount you have left.

Okay, the list evolved into more than just fashion tips.  I don’t want temptation to get the best of you if your eye catches the box of Hair Club for Men.

December 23, 2010

Budget Friendly Fashion

A good tailor is key to looking fabulous.  I have one shop in Dallas that has literally rebuilt dresses for me to my specifications.  Cho’s Tailor in West Village.  Mr. Cho doesn’t know it yet, but he is about to become my personal designer.

We all have a style and a go to shape or fabric for clothing.  90% of the time you will find me in a dress just above the knee and in a handful of cuts.  I love a few designer collections that are way out of my budget (I have chandeliers to buy for the renovation and think it is absurd silly to spend a G or more on a dress).  So, I came up with a plan.  I am taking a couple of my dresses and tear sheets of the fancy dresses I covet to Mr. Cho.   He will then spin his Singer magic and make me something pretty!

The first designer I want him to appropriate…Victoria Beckham.  Shouldn’t be too hard.  Just slightly more tailored than what I already have.  Budget friendly style at its best!

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