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November 21, 2012

Happy Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving!

The husband and I spend Thanksgiving with family, which is lovely and always special, but when your families live in other cities like ours do, you miss out on spending the holiday with another very important part your life, your close friends.  We figured out a way to have both this year.  We hosted our first Friendsgiving last Saturday. It was filled with delicious food, wine, and conversation that lasted late into the night.

A few photos from the evening are below. The husband and I provided the turkey, apps, and a couple other dishes while everyone else filled in with some of their favorite recipes.  The food was outstanding.  I have to admit that one of my favorite things was the table setting.  It is amazing what you can do with $25 worth of flowers and gourds from the grocery store!

Since we just hit our one-year anniversary last month, I still consider us newlyweds.  I am loving how we are slowly transforming our house into what is truly our home.  No more his and hers.  Because of that, I am particularly excited about this holiday season.  Our own traditions and little moments that are unique to us are beginning to emerge.  It is a great feeling to be so established and content at the same time.  I probably sound like a ball of mush!  Gag!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

July 21, 2012

Please Don’t Lose a Finger

Do you know how dangerous onion chopping can be?  I learned that this week when a very sweet friend made us dinner.  I almost dropped my wine glass when I saw her dive into the wrong side of an onion with a wobbly knife and very determined look in her eye.  The girl could have lost a finger.  Not really.  The knife was barely sharper than a butter knife, but it was still a pretty dramatic moment.

I decided to immediately take over.  First thing we did was get rid of the knife.  Then we had a lesson.  I felt like I was in the scene from the Julia Childs movie.  Rather than describe to you how to properly cut an onion, you can just watch Jamie Oliver do it in this youtube video.  Unfortunately the video doesn’t show his handsome face.

September 16, 2010

Quotes I Adore

I have been a little MIA lately.  It has been a busy week with lots of new and old friend in town for a conference.  We have one more night of debotury left.  Until I can recount my stories with vivid detail, I am leaving you with a few quotes from the week.  Let’s see if you think they are as funny as I do or if it is one of those had to be there things.

“Tequila is like a welcoming woman.”
The bf then promptly ordered this gentleman a shot of 1942.

“I would never cheat on my wife in my life, but I just want a cougar to show me the world!”
This was stated when I mentioned that Dragonfly is a bit of a cougar den.

“If this restaurant was a man, I’d marry it.  Or at least have a superficial affair.”
She was thoroughly enjoying her mussels at The Meddlesome Moth.  Are mussels an aphrodisiac?  Her moans make me think so.

“Don’t look back unless you are changing lanes.”
This comment was in regards to whether or not the special guy on eHarmony got away.

Me: “She’s so funny!”
Friend: “Who, me?” Lots of giggles from her about how funny she thinks she is.
Me: “Uh…no…her.” I point at the woman I am speaking about.

“You are a horrible photographer!”
“I am only as good as the people I have to work with”

This was stated about the women who were attempting to recreate sexy poses in painting.  It was painful to watch.

Friend: “I love your blog.”
Me: “Oh my god.  What’s your favorite post and why. Did you read the one about skinny jeans.  What about the one about the bad songs you’re not supposed to love.”
Friend: “Uh…I like the one about Whole Foods.”
Yeah, I was that girl.  I think she was a little frightened by my enthusiasm.  I might need to pull it back a bit.

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