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September 3, 2012

Bob Schneider and Cougars

The husband kind of has an affinity for cougars.  Or maybe they have an affinity for him.   Whatever it is, it keeps me entertained.  I should note these women are not the aggressive Capital Grille or Dragonfly cougars.  They are nice, older women in their 60s that happen to think the husband is adorable, so they engage him in conversation.  I plan to keep telling myself that, so I continue to find it entertaining.

On Friday evening, we had drinks at The Common Table and then saw Bob Schneider play at the Granada.  Both happened to be full of cougars that were flirting with my husband.  One woman walked up to him to tell him she liked the look he had going on and then gave him the once over with her eyes.  I was standing right next to him!  I can’t even remember what he was wearing. I even looked in the laundry basket to try and piece it together to share it with you, but I got nothing.  The drinks before the show might not have been the best idea after doing a juice detox all week…

While the husband was flirting with the old ladies, I was dancing and singing to every song Bob played.  I have lived in Dallas for 5 years, and this was my first Bob show.  *shame*  When he was playing Big Blue Sea, I was particularly enthusiastic.  I looked at the husband with a huge party on grin, and he just shook his head.  He then leaned over to tell me that Big Blue Sea is a song Bob plays for all the d-bags.  He should know.  Not because he is a d-bag, but because this is at least his 10th Bob show.  I just shrugged my shoulders to say whatever and continued dancing.  Big Blue Sea might be a d-bag song, but the entire audience sang and danced to every song Bob played that night.

That most definitely will not be my last Bob Schneider show.  I can also guarantee that there will be plenty more cougar encounters to document.  The husband needs to earn his keep!

August 24, 2010

New Band Love

I have a new favorite band.  Speak.  They are A-MAZ-ING.  Yes, the deserve the all caps and exaggerated pronunciation.  I am even declaring that they will be the next big deal!  That in itself is a big deal.

We decided to go see Speak on a whim.  Knew nothing about them except that they “go good with” Passion Pit, MGMT, and Miike Snow.  Figured you can’t go wrong with that line up.  They look about 15 years old but they are actually 23-ish.  We found the oldest women closest to the stage and took a chance that they might be the mothers.  Turns out they were aunts and were more than happy to tell us about their adorable nephew.

While watching new bands, I usually focus on selecting my favorite song.  This time I was all about selecting my favorite band member.  His name is Joey and he plays bass.  Something about the skinny jeans, golf shirt, and eyeglasses lanyard did it for me.  Is that what those string things are called?

All flirting aside, the music really was very good.  Their sound is a little funk mixed with British pop and electronic.  At some point you will think they just hit an amazing falsetto but then you realize puberty may not have happened quite yet.  I’m kidding…  Their live performance is far superior to the album.  This was only their second time to play in Dallas. However, they are Austin boys and not very far from our bubble.  So show your support and go see them soon.  Tell Joey hi from the blonde woman that looks like she wants to be his cougar.  Again…I’m kidding…

P.S. – I almost forgot to mention my favorite song. Foreign Love.

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