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April 2, 2012

Renovation Update: Living Room Pics!

It has been awhile since I have mentioned our renovation.  That must mean we are all done, right?  I wish!  We are still very far from the end, but I have accepted that.  I even chuckled at myself when I read some of my renovation posts from last year.  I was so naive with such big dreams…

At least one room is done-ish and ready to show.  Ignore the paint trim lines where the wall meets the ceiling.  We still haven’t put up the crown.  The husband has convinced me that he can’t possibly do that until the garage is done.  We still need to finish the punch list too.  It never ends, but I love it.

If you need a good laugh, you too can have one while you read my old posts.  Or just take a peek at the photos of our living room.  You will see a few of my favorite things including the husband’s wheelbarrow chair he made and the original wood door.

Renovation and Cohabitation
Missing: Easy Button
Moving Day Panic


November 14, 2011

A great weekend…

September 29, 2011

Trade: Beer for Playlist

You would think that with how much we enjoy music, the fiance and I would have no problem making a playlist for the upcoming nuptials.  Nope.  We are avoiding it like I avoid wearing flats.  In fact, can I pay one of you to make a playlist for me?  We pay in pizza and beer.  Really good pizza and beer.  You can figure out what I like based on the music category on this blog.

The hardest part is done though.  We selected “our” song.  Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.  It’s not at all expected or even a slow dance song.  But it is a pretty fantastic love song.

Home is wherever I’m with you
Home is when I’m alone with you

Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

October 26, 2010

Renovation and Cohabitation

The dining room. Where do I put the paint?

The bf and I did not have a typical plastic jungle weekend.  Instead of seeing a band or entertaining friends, we were ripping down drywall and sanding cabinets.  I finally told my parents so now I can announce it to the blog world.  I am going to live with a boy!  That boy would be the bf.

There’s quite a bit of manual labor to get his 98 year old house ready for my invasion.  I thought they would be quick and simple projects.  Paint, get rid of the boy stuff, take over 75% of the closet, etc.  Then I saw the massive pile of drywall and no where to put the paint I painstakingly selected.  Something tells me the paint projects are a little more involved.

You know I like to do things in style (see hiking post) but the stilettos had to go.  Not to worry, I wore diamond earrings.  Ok, they weren’t real but they sparkled a lot.  Even when covered in sheetrock dust.  I also only wore them because I forgot I had them in.  I’m really making myself sound like a fashionista now.  However, I did start planning the 100th birthday bash for the house.  Check your inboxes for invites in early 2013.

Lucy is also making her mark.  She was helping me haul load after load (sans stilettos) to the dumpster and discovered that her new neighborhood is full of cats.  She has picked up the sport of cat hunting.  She chases them up trees and dares them to come down.  I thought it was funny until the bf’s neighbor stepped out on the porch and started calling for Sunshine.  We snuck inside.

I am sure I will be documenting our renovation and cohabitation adventures in TPJ for your reading pleasure.  I’ve already had a couple freak out moments and I can almost promise there will be more.  Did I mention that everything has to be done in 4 weeks?

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