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July 17, 2013

Do you have a Dream Board?

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 9.26.22 AMDo you have a dream board?  Typically I hear the phrase dream board and I give a giant eye roll.  Magazines, scissors, glue…  Just give me some decoupage and I will make you a collage while I am at it.  Gag.

Well, I read an article on LinkedIn this morning that inspired me to create one.  I literally stopped the project I was pretending to work on to create my dream board.  Why the sudden change of heart do you ask?  The writer suggested Pinterest.  That means no glue and creepy cutouts of waify models!  And we all know I love pinterest.  I have also been a bit distracted lately, so I thought maybe a dream board would help me refocus.  I don’t know.  Maybe I am about to get my period and needed a girly moment.

So the board has been created, and it is private.  Sorry folks!  A wise person, the husband, once told me that you should not share your goals with others.  The act of talking about it makes you think you are making progress when you are most likely dragging your feet.  I pull this crap all the time.  So, I made my dream board private partly for this reason.  The other reason is because, well, dreams are just sort of private.

I will reveal one item on my dream board.  Write a book.  Now you have to tell me one of your dreams.

March 16, 2012

Come Clean Friday – Humility

Inspiration for blog posts hits me at the most random times, so I often email myself a sentence or two as a reminder.  I found the following message in my inbox the other day.  Sent to myself from myself.

“I’m a smart girl but I do some pretty dumb stuff. I’m humble too.”

I have no idea what the rest of the post was supposed to be about.  Not a damn clue.

January 14, 2011

Marchesa and Teardrop

Fashion and music.  Two of my favorite things.  I made a visit to Marchesa’s website and their music selection immediately caught my attention.  Not to worry, I did not decide to dump my stand against spending a G on dresses.  I was simply looking for inspiration.  I unexpectedly got music inspiration.  If food had been present, it would have been an orgy for my senses.

Led Zeppelin’s The Battle of Evermore plays when you open  This song reminded me of Massive Attack’s Teardrop. Not quite as old or as good as Led Zeppelin, but it is from 1998.  I was a junior in high school.  Sweet Jesus.  Maybe that’s why I immediately felt a sentimental attachment.  Surely Philip will like this selection.


August 31, 2010

Obsession and Inspiration

My current obsession and inspiration…Miike Snow.  He is my internal soundtrack.  If you happen to see me speaking with no sound coming out, I am probably singing Cult Logic in my head.

Make sure you check out the song titled Plastic Jungle.  It is so very appropriate.

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