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September 13, 2010

I Have Bowling Pin Legs

My skinny jeans life rule got so much attention that I deemed the topic worthy further explanation.  In my opinion, skinny jeans are a trend you and I should not follow.  Despite my obsession with food, I’m not a big girl.  My jeans are size 27 but when I wear so called “skinny” jeans, my torso looks like it is supported by upside down bowling pins.  It’s not pretty.  Unless you look like a pre-pubescent girl or play bass in an alternative band (remember my love for Joey from Speak), you probably look as ridiculous as I do.  Take a peek at the pic to the left.  Nicole Richie, scary anorexic, and Fergie, super bangin body, yet skinny jeans make Fergie look plump!  I’ll close with this reminder…don’t try so hard to be stylish that you forget to look good (Uptown Life Rule #4).

September 10, 2010

Uptown Life Rule #6

Skinny jeans can often look like chubby jeans.   Be aware of your body type.

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