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January 9, 2013

Cry Face Competition

cryfaceI have the most hideous cry face on the planet.  Scratch that.  I have the second most hideous cry face.  I don’t care though.  I am owning it, because I have learned that bad cry faces are good for a giggle.  That being said, this is going to sound like a sad story, but it might actually make you smile.

We recently lost our black lab and beloved family member, Lucy, so there have been a lot of tears in our house.  For some reason, Lucy loved to hangout in the bathroom with me.  She always claimed her spot on the bath mat to watch me get ready or to sneak her snout in the shower.  I had a moment this morning when I prepared to step around her when I got out of the shower and realized that she wasn’t there.  It was one of those breakdowns with giant crocodile tears and pitiful gasps for air.

Now the funny part happens.  As I am crying, I looked up at the mirror and immediately smiled and then had a really good giggle.  My cry face was giving Claire Danes a run for her money!  If you watch Homeland or remember My So Called Life, you are familiar with this face.  It is absolutely awful and painful to look at!  There are even blogs, pinterest boards, and tumblr accounts that exist only to document her cry face.  The fact that my cry face is almost as bad as hers makes me a little proud!  If nothing else, it is a good distraction and mood lifter when I feel the tears coming on.  So next time you feel a big lump in your throat, own it and cry with your bad self knowing that someone else out there looks worse than you.



January 6, 2013

Saying Goodbye

lucyThis has been the hardest week of my life.  I had to say goodbye to my best friend, Lucy.  She had been battling bone cancer and did an amazing job hiding it.  She finally gave away her secret over the holidays and let us share her pain.

I honestly never thought this day would come. I kept tacking on another year to her life span with every birthday that passed.  I was convinced she would be at least 13.  Not almost 9.  It isn’t fair, but our 9 years together were beyond special.  We went through so much and were always a duo.  There was even a time when I wasn’t known as Misty, but Misty & Lucy!

When I realized that the end was near, I was so scared of making the decision to help her leave.  But in true Lucy fashion, she took control and told me when it was time.  She looked at me Friday morning refusing to break eye contact and even pawed at my tears until I understood.  We then spent the rest of the day and her final night cuddled on her bed.

The last 9 years of my life were better because Lucy was part of it.  She might not be here physically, but she will always be part of me and part of my heart.  I love you, baby girl.

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December 1, 2010

Zoila Day Dreams

Today is Wednesday.  That means Maria, our housekeeper, is doing her thing on Clinton Ave.  I prefer to think of her as Zoila and pretend she is a sassy and randy Nicaraguan woman.  In reality, she is very sweet and maybe 40. She also doesn’t clean well.  She can’t spot a dirty window or baseboard to save her life.  I’m told she cleans better when there is not a renovation mess.  We will see.

I usually remember Zoila is at the house around 11 am.  I immediately have day dreams of her and Lucy watching telenovela and eating queso in bed.  Too bad she is scared to death of Lucy.  Sometimes she is also updating her profile in my day dreams.  She is on the prowl for Mr. Right Now.  Don’t mind the fact that she is married in real life.  I kind of want to set up nanny cams, but I don’t want to be disappointed when I actually see her cleaning and changing Lucy’s bed sheets.  Before you call me a name, we didn’t ask her to do that.  She does it on her own.

I’m going to check the TV tonight to see what channel it was left on.  Then again…Zoila is much too crafty to make that rookie mistake.

October 26, 2010

Renovation and Cohabitation

The dining room. Where do I put the paint?

The bf and I did not have a typical plastic jungle weekend.  Instead of seeing a band or entertaining friends, we were ripping down drywall and sanding cabinets.  I finally told my parents so now I can announce it to the blog world.  I am going to live with a boy!  That boy would be the bf.

There’s quite a bit of manual labor to get his 98 year old house ready for my invasion.  I thought they would be quick and simple projects.  Paint, get rid of the boy stuff, take over 75% of the closet, etc.  Then I saw the massive pile of drywall and no where to put the paint I painstakingly selected.  Something tells me the paint projects are a little more involved.

You know I like to do things in style (see hiking post) but the stilettos had to go.  Not to worry, I wore diamond earrings.  Ok, they weren’t real but they sparkled a lot.  Even when covered in sheetrock dust.  I also only wore them because I forgot I had them in.  I’m really making myself sound like a fashionista now.  However, I did start planning the 100th birthday bash for the house.  Check your inboxes for invites in early 2013.

Lucy is also making her mark.  She was helping me haul load after load (sans stilettos) to the dumpster and discovered that her new neighborhood is full of cats.  She has picked up the sport of cat hunting.  She chases them up trees and dares them to come down.  I thought it was funny until the bf’s neighbor stepped out on the porch and started calling for Sunshine.  We snuck inside.

I am sure I will be documenting our renovation and cohabitation adventures in TPJ for your reading pleasure.  I’ve already had a couple freak out moments and I can almost promise there will be more.  Did I mention that everything has to be done in 4 weeks?

October 4, 2010

Amateur Weekend

Lucy on our road trip

Last year's roller skates. Elvis, formerly known as Jesus, is in the background.

Call me lame but I packed up Lucy and left town for TX/OU weekend.  The thought of amateur night right out my front door was too much.  Traffic was hell but Lucy and I had a little karaoke time in the car.  Remember the post about the top 10 songs you are not supposed to love?  It was all over once I found the top 40 station.  “I hoped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan.” I was so focused on my performance that I missed my exit.  Twice.

We eventually made it to our destination, my parents’ house, where I then proceeded to spend Saturday evening and night watching tv in bed with mom and ice cream.  How could I not choose this over football?  While in bed I was recalling my own memories of TX/OU weekend just last year.  I too got my drink on and then refueled at Rocco’s before a post party of rooftop rollerskating until 5 am.  Perhaps I have matured over the last year because I had zero desire to do it all again…at least not with the amateurs.

Our drive home was a little different.  It was Sunday morning and I got curious about Jesus.  I thought I would see what this church thing is all about and find a sermon on the radio.  I lasted 15 minutes.  I ended up stopping at a pet store and buying a fish.  I named him Jesus.  It didn’t seem to fit so I later renamed him Elvis.

Oh my goodness!  I don’t think if I have introduced you all to Lucy yet.  She is my 6.5 year old black lab that goes almost everywhere with me.  80 lbs of love and gas.

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