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May 28, 2013

Chainsaws and Coffee – Just another Tuesday Morning

chainsawI was working at our dining room table early this morning (like 8:30) when I heard the distinct rumble of the bulk pick up trash guys entering our neighborhood.  Actually, Fred heard them and started to growl.  He doesn’t care for them.  Probably has something to do with the giant claw removing stuff from his property.

This is when I remembered that the husband and I had still not cut down the 2 almost dead trees in our front yard, and I simply could not deal with looking at them for another month.  I happened to be at a good stopping point with the project I was working on, so I threw on a baseball cap and running shoes and then ran out the front door with a chainsaw and a burning desire to be destructive.

Using a chainsaw makes you feel so…tough…and strong.  I made way more cuts than I needed to because I just wanted to keep chopping.  Or is it sawing?  I even thought about yelling “TIMBER!” but I didn’t want to scare the old lady walking her prissy little dog.

This story gets better.  I was still in my pajamas.  In the front yard.  And, my burly man of a husband was sitting inside surfing the internet in his underwear while his girly little wife went chainsaw massacre on two sad trees.  Our poor neighbors.

May 16, 2013

One Very Bitter Ghost

GhostOur house is haunted, and it is the husband’s fault.  He pissed off a ghost, and that angry spirit is clearly trying to send us a message.

We had a small kitchen fire a few weeks ago. Like our other two fires, this one was fairly minor.  All humans and pets were safe (except for a fish named Einstein), and we discovered it just before potential massive damage.

Once we got things under control, we resumed our wine drinking and BS’ing in the neighbor’s backyard. That is when someone made a joke about our house being haunted. I mean, what kind of idiots have 3 fires in under 3 years.  Ummm…people who have pissed off a ghost!

So about 5 years ago–long before I ever met him–the husband was doing some work in our crawlspace when he found a cedar box filled with ashes. In his infinite wisdom, he and his buddies weighed the ashes (they were in a bag in the box), and after a little research, they determined it was either a small human or a very, very large dog.  Well what does one do with ashes of something that was clearly cremated?  Why throw it away of course!  Yes folks, he threw away the ashes of someone’s loved one.  In the garbage.

And that is why we now have to get our home blessed before this bitter being burns it down.  All of these almost catastrophes are getting a bit tired.  Any recommendations for someone who talks to dead people?  The husband would like to express his sincerest apologies.

April 25, 2013

I Want a Motorcycle

cafe-racerI am too old for a quarter-life crisis and too young for a midlife crisis, but I am clearly going through something.  I am about to turn 32, and I want a motorcycle.  I must now mention that I have never driven a motorcycle.  Not once.  I have been on the back of one plenty of times.  I know you are supposed to lean when you turn.  Can’t get much harder than that, can it?

I don’t want a Harley or a crotch rocket.  Those are so not me.  I want a vintage café racer!  The husband and I parked next to one a couple weeks ago, and I immediately knew it had to be mine.  I know the one I get someday will be old and in need of work.  It makes the most financial sense for this probably somewhat fleeting obsession.  I’ve even started prematurely planning the paint, seat, and my helmet.  All the important stuff.  Move over pinterest, mama is looking up biker blogs!

I also have zero desire to every drive it on Dallas highways or any roads where speeds exceed 50 mph.  I am a sissy.  This will strictly be a neighborhood commuter.  Trips to the coffee shop, the gym, and lunch dates.   BTW – I am also scared of riding it in the dark; hence, the lunch dates.  A Vespa (or a fixie) might be more appropriate, but it would be so boring and so very, very predictable.

November 21, 2012

Happy Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving!

The husband and I spend Thanksgiving with family, which is lovely and always special, but when your families live in other cities like ours do, you miss out on spending the holiday with another very important part your life, your close friends.  We figured out a way to have both this year.  We hosted our first Friendsgiving last Saturday. It was filled with delicious food, wine, and conversation that lasted late into the night.

A few photos from the evening are below. The husband and I provided the turkey, apps, and a couple other dishes while everyone else filled in with some of their favorite recipes.  The food was outstanding.  I have to admit that one of my favorite things was the table setting.  It is amazing what you can do with $25 worth of flowers and gourds from the grocery store!

Since we just hit our one-year anniversary last month, I still consider us newlyweds.  I am loving how we are slowly transforming our house into what is truly our home.  No more his and hers.  Because of that, I am particularly excited about this holiday season.  Our own traditions and little moments that are unique to us are beginning to emerge.  It is a great feeling to be so established and content at the same time.  I probably sound like a ball of mush!  Gag!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

September 28, 2012

Someone is a Winner!

Clever friends amuse and entertain you.  They also win you free tickets to see Bob Schneider just because they have a competitive desire to be the biggest smart-ass in the room.  Thanks, Ben!  My dream is to be as witty as you some day.  The husband and I will enjoy the show.



August 3, 2012

Come Clean Friday – No Babies!

Have you missed Come Clean Friday?  I have.  I have a lot to confess.  This confession is about babies.  Here it goes.

I got up early Tuesday morning to get a head start on my workload.  When I say early, I mean 8:00 am.  Life is amazing when you make your own schedule.  Before you shake your head in disappointment, you should know that I often work until 2 am.

Back to the story.  I was up working early when the husband decided to drag his lazy ass out of bed. He walks into our home office/guest room/closet/art studio and asks me to dinner that evening.  I look at him a little bewildered and say, “Sure, I can cook us something delicious tonight.”  He gives me a shy smile and corrects me by saying, “No, baby, I want to take you on a date.”  You know that made me melt.

We have “dates” all the time.  Fancy dinners on a Tuesday and delicious cocktails on a Wednesday are not out of the norm for us.  What can I say, we like food and booze.  But, he rarely asks me on a date!  What will I wear?!

Soon after the romantic glow infected me, I got skeptical.  What does he want?  Does he want to tell me something?  Is he trying to soften the blow with a sweet invitation to dinner?  Oooohhhhhh shit…he wants a baby.  I knew we shouldn’t hang out with our bad ass baby neighbor, Cooper.  He is seriously the coolest baby in the world.  Damn it!  I immediately started mentally preparing a negotiation plan to buy more time.

He called me at 5:00 to remind me of our date.  This is also unusual.  I typically call him at 7:00 to remind him that it is dinner time and then we eat around 10:00.  So he calls me, and I really get curious.  I get in the shower and ponder it some more.  Shut your mouth, I often do not bother to shower until just before he gets home.  I sit in my filth all day, and his impending arrival is my hygiene deadline.

Turns out our date fell to pieces.  We are a much better at being spontaneous.  Everywhere he wanted to go was either booked or closed.  That’s okay.  We ended up spending the evening at three of our favorite Oak Cliff spots with some of our favorite bartenders and managers.  We even got into the newest local hot spot, Boulevardier.  Didn’t eat there, but their French wine caught my drool while I was reviewing the menu.

And guess what…no mention of babies!  I even forgot about it by the end of the night.  I came clean with him the following evening.  He looked at me like I had three heads and said, “Do you think I am ready to give up fancy dinners on Tuesday and delicious cocktails on Wednesday?”  Whew!  We are still on the same page and have a few more years of freedom.  Mom, stop counting down the days.

April 2, 2012

Renovation Update: Living Room Pics!

It has been awhile since I have mentioned our renovation.  That must mean we are all done, right?  I wish!  We are still very far from the end, but I have accepted that.  I even chuckled at myself when I read some of my renovation posts from last year.  I was so naive with such big dreams…

At least one room is done-ish and ready to show.  Ignore the paint trim lines where the wall meets the ceiling.  We still haven’t put up the crown.  The husband has convinced me that he can’t possibly do that until the garage is done.  We still need to finish the punch list too.  It never ends, but I love it.

If you need a good laugh, you too can have one while you read my old posts.  Or just take a peek at the photos of our living room.  You will see a few of my favorite things including the husband’s wheelbarrow chair he made and the original wood door.

Renovation and Cohabitation
Missing: Easy Button
Moving Day Panic


May 17, 2011

Gastronaut in the Cliff

I have guests in town from McKinney this evening and I got put in charge of selecting the restaurant (my local readers will get the joke).  As a self proclaimed gastronaut (foodie is much too pretentious), I feel it is my responsibility to introduce them the culinary delights in the Cliff, also knows as N Oak Cliff.  A few selections I sent them are below in case you too have guests from McKinney someday.

Fresh and local food with the best cocktails in the city. Also one of my favorite patios.

Decent beer selection but amazing daily specials. Their menu is a small representation of what they serve each day. Interesting worthless piece of knowledge – it is in a former Dairy Queen.

This place is a little more formal but still easy going with a southern influence. Excellent martinis and my #1 pick for mac n cheese in all of Dallas. Maybe even the world.

If your guests aren’t feeling the Cliff because they made a judgment when they saw the 15 tire shops on Davis, you can take them to Meddlesome Moth, a gastropub in the Design District.  It is for the adventurous diner. Half of my guests will love it and the other half will be frightened by it if I tell them what sweetbreads really is.  BTW, The Moth also gets bonus points for their uber clever url.

April 7, 2011

Baby Pact

The fiancé and I keep getting the baby question now that we are engaged.  The mom car doesn’t help either.  We are a long way from making a baby, but we did make a pact last weekend.  We will have NO plastic furniture or accessories in our home.  Plastic in primary colors does not coordinate with our sputnik chandelier and cowhide rug.  Naïve?  Nah.  Isn’t the kid supposed to conform to our taste and lifestyle?  It doesn’t care if the nursery is baby blue or a sexy gray, but mama does.  The fiancé even created some mid-century modern Lincoln Logs with real wood.  It was sort of an accident, but they are bad ass.  Now I just need to package and market it.  It will certainly be a hit in the cliff.

Speaking of babies, I attended a baby shower last night and walked away with a load of new knowledge.  That’s not hard to do.  And it’s probably time for me to learn.  Do you know that babies have poop bags?  I would rather save money and use Lucy’s bags from the dog park.  They both smell like powder and serve the same purpose.  I also learned that moms change over 7000 diapers over 2 years. WHAT?!  That is reason enough for me to never touch a diaper until it is my own kid’s.  Hell, I may even delegate that duty to someone else.

Last night was my first baby shower that didn’t serve alcohol…maybe that’s why I learned so much.  When my gf Jenn had her baby, I sent her sangria recipes so she could be adequately prepared for my attendance.  Brilliant plan on my part.  The other non-moms loved me.

February 23, 2011

The Ungettable Reservation

I am anti all things pretentious.  This especially applies to restaurants.  Dinner at Nick & Sam’s or Capital Grille sounds painful.  Yes, the food is delicious, but it is such a snooze and so…expected.  I’ll leave it for the cougars and status chasers.

Our distaste for it is just one reason why the fiancé and I were anxiously awaiting Lucia.  A new Bishop Arts gem without the slightest air of snobiness, even when it would be well deserved.  We aren’t planners when it comes to our personal lives, so getting a table with a month long wait list had us discouraged.  That was until we had the ice storm.  Voila!  The non-OC locals couldn’t get up the hill and we got the ungettable reservation with friends and neighbors.  The dinner and company were amazing.  Comfortable, rustic, and inviting…exactly how food and dining should be.  The space matched the food and people perfectly.  Have you ever noticed how important this is in your experience?

My recommendation at Lucia?  Go with a small group and share everything.  Pasta (gnocchi and a spaghetti), salumi, duck, pork cheeks…oh my, the list goes on…and changes frequently.   All the more reason for me to go back soon.

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