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August 14, 2012

Monday Night Dinner

Last night was our usual Monday night dinner when I cook for the husband.  I got fancy this week and brought out the decanter and candles!  I’ll post recipes soon.  The photos will have to do for now.

February 14, 2011

Must Have Valentine’s Day Music

In the spirit of the day of love, I am sharing my favorite love song.  Actually, it might be more of a break up song.  It is good regardless.  It also triggers a special memory for me.

For the romance haters, I am including my favorite sexy time song.  The romantics can also add it to their dessert playlist.  Oh yeah!

Love: Someone Else’s Baby by Will Hoge
Sexy Time: Home by Marc Broussard (anything by this guy is hot)

February 9, 2011

Valentine’s Day Hiatus

I’m bucking the Valentine blog trend and not writing about the best V day present for your SO.  I think V Day is lame.  Since I am in a relationship, I can say that without you accusing me of being a bitter single.  And don’t call me a V Day scrooge like a friend of mine. I happen to believe that you should celebrate your love every day!  Okay…that was about as cheesy as a Meg Ryan movie, but I whole heartedly believe it.

The anxiety people (women) put themselves through is silly.  I realize not all people, even my friends, share my opinion. Well you can read for yourself below.  “Friend” and I had a text conversation that is still amusing me.  She is remaining anonymous to protect our friendship.

Friend: What are y’all doing for your 1st V Day as an engaged couple?
Me: Idk.  Prob not much.  I think V Day is silly.  Last year was spent at The Grapevine watching the Olympics.
For those non-locals, I should note that The Grapevine is a quasi gay bar.  Very romantic.
Friend: I’m mad @ ____ cuz he asked me if we could alternate years to celebrate v day.
Friend: Like only celebrate every other year.
Me: Who asks that?  You made me laugh out loud at the airport bar.
Friend: Only retards ask that!
Me: I just snorted wine.
Friend: My answer was a resounding NO!!!

In case you are curious, Friend and ____ compromised and will be celebrating their love the day before V Day.  Let’s see if he asks to skip it next year…

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