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November 17, 2011

The Perfect Pump

I have discovered the most illusive accessory every well-dressed woman is looking for.  The perfect nude pump at under $100.  Perfect 4” heel,  perfect 1” platform, perfect square toe that is not too square, perfect shade.  It is like finding the Mr Right of the shoe world.  Sure it is a piece of cake if you have $600 to drop on a pair of Brian Atwood beauties.  Well now I can have my cake and eat it too.  In fact, I am having two pieces of cake because I bought two pairs of the same shoe.  They are that tasty.  I also don’t want to be on a desperate hunt for nude pumps again when my pair starts to show a little wear.

They are my go to shoe for everything.  Literally everything.  Keep in mind that I wear heels like most people wear sneakers.  Paired with a chic sheath on Tuesday and then jeans and a fedora on Thursday.  They even made an appearance at the driving range on Friday when I forgot my golf shoes.  Like I said, they are perfect.

June 8, 2011

Wedding Shoe FAIL

The first thing I selected for the wedding was a pair of shoes.  It was also the only thing I selected for several months.  Robin and I did some post-engagement shopping when I spotted these beauties.  The store was fresh out of 6.5 so I placed my order online.  They arrived, I tried them on, I admired them, and I promptly tucked them away for safe keeping.  Fast forward to last night when I got the urge to try them on again.  I happened to be wearing a short white dress just like I will be on October 8th.  They fit like a glove and were just as beautiful as I remembered…

That was until I looked in the full length mirror.  I looked like I belonged at Mr Hefner’s mansion and the only thing missing was a set of silicone twins and a silk nightie.  Who would have thought satin shoes with a decorative puff would look like trashy lingerie shoes?  Not this bride.

The shoes are going back.  All other wedding planning must come to a halt while I search for the perfect pair of practical 4” heels that I can teeter around the yard in during our outdoor, lakeside wedding.

September 25, 2010

Chic Clogs

The clog is back with the sophisticated 70s fashion trends.  This makes me so very happy.  I skimmed fashion magazines on my flight to Seattle and almost squealed with delight as I flipped page after page and saw all the variations of these beautiful shoes. It also seemed appropriate since I assumed Seattle was full of clog wearing hippies.  I was off a little but more about that later.

Some might say clogs are frumpy or dowdy but I disagree.  If they are good enough for Marc, Tory, and Pedro, then they are good enough for me.  It can be a bit difficult to walk briskly in clogs but shouldn’t you slow down to smell the fresh leather…err roses?

Hoping they would come back in style, I secretly stashed my old clogs from my college days.  While I am telling secrets, I can also admit that I wore my beloved clogs way longer than socially acceptable in the fashion world.  Thankfully I had enough sense to dump the overalls that completed the ensemble (overalls are back too by the way).  Clogs will be a prominent part of my wardrobe as soon as the 85+ degree days leave Dallas.  Bring on the cold.

September 1, 2010

Another Missed Fashion Opportunity

I stepped into my closet this morning and it hit me.  This weekend is Labor Day and I have a load of white pants and dresses I have yet to wear.  My window of fashion opportunity is about to close.  Yes, I am a traditionalist when it comes to the white rule (one of the very few things).  A traditionalist at least when it comes to pants and dresses (party dresses not included).  Tan fat looks better than pale fat and white in lightweight materials is not always flattering. Don’t even get me started on white shoes.  When will designers get a clue about white shoes?  If they aren’t available, those with unfortunate style can’t buy them.  They are never appropriate.*  It will really make the world a much prettier place in regards to footwear.

In an effort to not be careless, I am committed to wearing white every day through Sunday.  I might even change mid-day so that I can wear all the white things I own.  I can’t possibly leave new clothing articles unworn until next spring.

*The bf and his white shoes are an exception.

August 20, 2010

Death of the Gladiator

gladiator sandals

Have you heard the news…gladiator sandals are “in” again this season. When will the fashion gods realize that all those straps make our feet and ankles look like tied up sausages. Not exactly flattering. Ok ladies, let’s leave the gladiators for Hollywood’s sexy leading men and focus on what looks best on us individually. Perhaps a lovely wedge – it elongates and slims. Or how about a cute top-sider – a little too frat boy for the guys but very chic for the girls.  Don’t want to forget my fav – platform peeps.  Anything to make me taller!

Just because a trend is the talk of the catwalk, that does not mean you must own it. Many of the catwalk superstars are unflattering for most and there is nothing worse than trying to pull off something you are uncomfortable wearing.

So I challenge you with this…close your magazines with glossy ads and must-have checklists. Instead take a look around at the people you see on the streets in every day life.  See someone with a fierce look?  Snap a sneaky pic (or just ask permission) then add your personal spin to it. Learn to continuously reinvent your basics with tweaks that make a statement. Or if budget allows, create an entirely new look.  Who would you like to muse?

This was originally written for, a rocking online magazine.

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