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November 5, 2010

I Found the Devil

Oh.  My.  God.  I found the devil and this time he is bacon (that bastard is always morphing into whatever my weakness is at the moment).  The bacon devil appeared when I finally created the most delectable deviled eggs.  If you remember, way back in August I decided that I needed a signature dish.  I declared that my dish would be deviled eggs.  Fast forward 3 months and I had not even researched the proper way to boil eggs.  Forget making them devilishly delicious.  That was until last night.

I’m not typically a bacon fan.  I think I have trained myself to dislike it because it is terrible for my thighs.  But when pondering my recipe, I realized nothing else goes better with eggs.  The ingredients for the creamy goodness are below.  Don’t even ask me about the measurements.  I have no idea.  I dump until it tastes good.

Yolk (duh)
Crumbled bacon
Spicy brown mustard
Shredded sharp cheddar
Paprika (just a dash!)

Special thanks to T for teaching me how to boil eggs and fry bacon.  Without you, I would have had a couple dozen half cooked yolks and bacon flavored rubber.

August 22, 2010

Signature Dish

After a summer full of parties, events, and endless requirements to bring a side dish, I decide it is time to come up with a signature dish.  Why didn’t I do this months ago?  Because stopping by Eatzi’s for last minute hummus is way too easy.

As most of us do, I have lots of signatures.  Signature scent – Astor Place. Signature hair color – not quite Barbie blonde.  Signature cocktail – Goose and water with 2 lemons.  So why not have a signature dish?  A dish that I am known for.  A dish that people will crave and request that I bring to even the smallest dinner party.  Drum roll please…I declare my new dish to be…deviled eggs!  Just thinking about the cloud of creamy yolk with a dash of paprika makes me salivate.

My inspiration shall be Central 214 in Hotel Palomar.  Chef Blythe Beck’s shrimp and cayenne deviled eggs are delightful and worth every penny of their $10.50 price tag.  Yep…10 bucks for eggs.  Of course I won’t completely rip off her creation.  She poaches her shrimp and  frankly that is way too much work for my procrastination lifestyle.  I am forced to find another secret ingredient.  With that, I am off to experiment.  Recipe coming soon.  Hopefully.

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