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August 15, 2011

Someone Else’s Baby

The fiancé and I went to see Will Hoge last week and I was reminded of just how sentimental I am.  You can wipe the shocked look off your face now.

I was in the middle of shopping when Granada notified me via email that Will Hoge would be visiting the big D.  I immediately stopped to purchase tickets before they sold out.  The tickets were going to be a surprise, but I managed to blurt it over text before I could even get out of the store.

Why all the excitement?  I don’t keep cards, trinkets, or crap like that.  I’ve tried and it all ends up in the dumpster.  For me, music makes sure those sentimental and special moments are never forgotten.  Will Hoge does that for me, and he has a song that is very special to both of us.  Someone Else’s Baby.

We were watching the ruggedly handsome guy perform and getting sappy on the inside when I realized that I always crush on the band at amazing live performances.  It doesn’t matter if they are male, female, tall, short.  I don’t discriminate.  I get completely enamored with their talent and passion.  That and their ability to wear skinny jeans like it is nobody’s business.  In Will’s case it was bootcut jeans that looked like they hadn’t been washed in a month.  The same could have been said for his overall appearance.  I didn’t mind though, because he was even better live.

Their performance also made me wonder why this guy isn’t more popular.  We were in the front row of a half full venue and we were there only to see him, the opening band, perform.  We had zero desire to see the headliner, Wade Bowen.  After Will left the stage, we pushed through the crowd of cowboy boots, enormous belt buckles, and lips stuffed with snuff to avoid the honky-tonk sounds that were about to take over.  And so I could get a better look at Will while pretending like I didn’t really want an autograph.

Will is about to release his 7th album on 9/27.  The rest of the world is missing out until they discover Someone Else’s Baby.

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