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October 4, 2010

Amateur Weekend

Lucy on our road trip

Last year's roller skates. Elvis, formerly known as Jesus, is in the background.

Call me lame but I packed up Lucy and left town for TX/OU weekend.  The thought of amateur night right out my front door was too much.  Traffic was hell but Lucy and I had a little karaoke time in the car.  Remember the post about the top 10 songs you are not supposed to love?  It was all over once I found the top 40 station.  “I hoped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan.” I was so focused on my performance that I missed my exit.  Twice.

We eventually made it to our destination, my parents’ house, where I then proceeded to spend Saturday evening and night watching tv in bed with mom and ice cream.  How could I not choose this over football?  While in bed I was recalling my own memories of TX/OU weekend just last year.  I too got my drink on and then refueled at Rocco’s before a post party of rooftop rollerskating until 5 am.  Perhaps I have matured over the last year because I had zero desire to do it all again…at least not with the amateurs.

Our drive home was a little different.  It was Sunday morning and I got curious about Jesus.  I thought I would see what this church thing is all about and find a sermon on the radio.  I lasted 15 minutes.  I ended up stopping at a pet store and buying a fish.  I named him Jesus.  It didn’t seem to fit so I later renamed him Elvis.

Oh my goodness!  I don’t think if I have introduced you all to Lucy yet.  She is my 6.5 year old black lab that goes almost everywhere with me.  80 lbs of love and gas.

October 2, 2010

Uptown Life Rule #8

The amateurs invade uptown on TX/OU weekend.  Don’t fight it.  Relax and enjoy the show.

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