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February 1, 2013

Inspiration and Coffee


Relaxing morning coffee. Ignore the hair.

I am sitting in a condo in Breckenridge, drinking champagne, and just thinking about how good life is.  Everyone else is asleep, I am exhausted, but I don’t want this evening to end.  I didn’t realize how ready I was for a mini vaca until yesterday.  It is only January 31, but it has already been one of my most challenging but also wonderful years.

One of my closest friends, Michelle, and I both worked most of the day from various coffee shops and then eventually wine bars while the husbands skied.  Of course we did a little shopping during our treks between locals, but we actually spent a good part of the day sitting together, working, and sharing our stories. It was a wonderfully productive day and so relaxing at the same time.   I was able to sit, think, and really enjoy the moment.

Anytime I start to question whether or not I have the guts to continue to work for myself, something seems to happen that makes everything feel perfectly right.  Even if it is only perfectly right for right now.  Now let’s be honest, I typically question it when I want to buy a piece of vintage furniture or a handbag that isn’t quite in the budget for a fiscally responsible woman like myself.  You know, those super superficial moments.  Somehow fate or something like that steps in and tells me I am on the right track.

I met with a new client on Tuesday, and they completely inspired me.  They are a small group and are beyond passionate about their product.  It was so refreshing.  AND, they hired me to brand them and tell their story!  I could not be more excited.  I have had opportunities with some big boys, but these little guys are what really get me going.  I even got a love note (that’s what I call sweet emails) from them today, and it was worth 10x more than any 4 star review I ever got in the corporate world (I was always far too outspoken to get 5 stars).  I don’t have a huge team or big budgets.  This is all me, and that is my inspiration.  Sometimes it scares me to death, but it is worth every single drop in this damn roller coaster ride.

The bubbles came later in the day.

The bubbles came later in the day.

March 3, 2011

What I Learned in Belgium

Our ski weekend fell through and we were faced with a dilemma.  How would we spend our vacation?  Drinking beer in Belgium of course!  It was a packed 3 days filled with more than just beer.  Check out what we learned and heard in Belgium.

  • 4 cokes, 2 waters, and 1 coffee = $65.  Lesson learned.
  • There is never a bible in the nightstand.
  • A coke is $6 and the rarest beer in the world is $14.
  • Belgians LOVE Prince.
  • The street waffles are atrocious.  The restaurant waffles are to die for.
  • Yeast is a laxative and much needed after a long flight.
  • The trash men are hot.
  • Slugbug black!
  • Fanny packs are the tits in Europe.
  • Danny and Michelle could have their own comedy show.  Michelle would have one line. “DANNY!”
  • Belgian waiters shush noisy children.
  • Belgium has saggy city titties.
  • “She’s wearing Wranglers! Ask her if we can take a picture of her butt.”
  • The bartender pours the last of the beer in a shot glass and says, “Toilet business.”
  • Drinking beer is like making love to a beautiful woman.
  • The British love all the songs from my Jr High days…Madonna, Crash Test Dummies, and that song about walking 500 miles.
  • Who the F is alice?

Now that the list is actually compiled, I am realizing that it was probably funnier after a couple triples at the pub.

September 23, 2010

I’m Back!

I took a brief hiatus but I am back in the jungle!  I attended a conference last week and I think we all know how long nights at conferences cause foggy mornings.  I was in no mood to write without biting sarcasm.  BTW, when I posted Quotes I Adore, I happened to forget that the nameless people mentioned all read The Plastic Jungle.  Perhaps an apology is in order, but I like to think that is the risk you take when you hang out with me.

And so after a conference and a 5 day vacation in Seattle, it is time for me to get back on track with my real life and stop eating like I have no shame or concern about wearing anything but pants with elastic waist bands.  Speaking of food, I have upcoming posts about my Seattle food discoveries.  There will also be posts about style, specifically lesbian style, music, and a few wild cards.  I am indeed posting about lesbian style.  I feel that it is time it gets addressed.

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