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February 1, 2013

Inspiration and Coffee


Relaxing morning coffee. Ignore the hair.

I am sitting in a condo in Breckenridge, drinking champagne, and just thinking about how good life is.  Everyone else is asleep, I am exhausted, but I don’t want this evening to end.  I didn’t realize how ready I was for a mini vaca until yesterday.  It is only January 31, but it has already been one of my most challenging but also wonderful years.

One of my closest friends, Michelle, and I both worked most of the day from various coffee shops and then eventually wine bars while the husbands skied.  Of course we did a little shopping during our treks between locals, but we actually spent a good part of the day sitting together, working, and sharing our stories. It was a wonderfully productive day and so relaxing at the same time.   I was able to sit, think, and really enjoy the moment.

Anytime I start to question whether or not I have the guts to continue to work for myself, something seems to happen that makes everything feel perfectly right.  Even if it is only perfectly right for right now.  Now let’s be honest, I typically question it when I want to buy a piece of vintage furniture or a handbag that isn’t quite in the budget for a fiscally responsible woman like myself.  You know, those super superficial moments.  Somehow fate or something like that steps in and tells me I am on the right track.

I met with a new client on Tuesday, and they completely inspired me.  They are a small group and are beyond passionate about their product.  It was so refreshing.  AND, they hired me to brand them and tell their story!  I could not be more excited.  I have had opportunities with some big boys, but these little guys are what really get me going.  I even got a love note (that’s what I call sweet emails) from them today, and it was worth 10x more than any 4 star review I ever got in the corporate world (I was always far too outspoken to get 5 stars).  I don’t have a huge team or big budgets.  This is all me, and that is my inspiration.  Sometimes it scares me to death, but it is worth every single drop in this damn roller coaster ride.

The bubbles came later in the day.

The bubbles came later in the day.

August 8, 2012

The Truth Hurts

This conversation just happened with someone in my coworking space.  The truth hurts.

Bob:  We need to hit this networking group together next week. It is supposed to be amazing.  Everyone that is everyone in Dallas is there.
Me:  Is it early in the morning?
Bob:  Yeah…7:00… *look of disappointment*
Bob:  I know you are wine drinker, so it might be hard for you.

Ouch!  I don’t think he was kidding.  I do like wine, but not that much.  Okay, maybe that much, but I can give it up.  I don’t really want to, but I can if I have to.  No wine tonight.  Maybe I will have a beer instead.

Totally kidding, guys.  I don’t have a problem and don’t drink that much.  Poor Bob is very misinformed or he has read too many of my blog posts.  You decide.

July 23, 2012

Monday Night Dinners

I was briefly feeling fancy and smug last week.  I thought I found the secret to happy Mondays, and I was going to be the one to share it with the world.  What’s the secret?  Cooking, vino, and Otis.  Otis Redding that is.

While I was giving myself a congratulatory toast with another sip of wine, I had a moment of pure genius in the kitchen.  I turned on the wrong burner and proceeded to warm a pyrex dish on high.  I was far too caught up in posting a pic of my beautiful artichokes to notice the glowing red.

Do you know what happens to pyrex when you leave it on a burner?  It explodes!  How in the world is it even safe for an oven?  Oh and it doesn’t just explode into pieces that are easy to clean up.  It explodes into teeny, tiny shards that go everywhere.

Thankfully most of the food was covered and could be saved.  What kind of wife would I be if the husband came home to takeout when I always go on about loving to make a special Monday night dinner for just the two of us.

After the incident, I did what any woman would, I had another sip of wine and continued cooking and instagraming without any mention of my oversight.

I haven’t decided what I am cooking tonight, but I know what I am not doing.  Not putting a pyrex on a hot burner.  What are you cooking tonight?


February 25, 2012

Salt Tasting Room

Photo from

You all know I am beer obsessed; now I am red wine obsessed.  Maybe I am just alcohol obsessed?  Last fall a dear friend introduced me to the proper way to drink red and it has been nothing but love after that.  The proper way is slightly chilled.   Now I am as particular about my red as I am about my beer.  A monster has been created.

While in Vancouver, the husband and I had a really lovely wine experience.  Yelp directed us to Salt Tasting Room for a late evening snack.  They focus on amazing cheese, cured meats, condiments, and of course wine.  I originally selected it because they also pair beer with the aforementioned, but beer wasn’t even a consideration after a quick peek at the wine list.   Now don’t get me wrong.  I still didn’t have a clue what to order.  The waiter was pretty fantastic and selected all of our pairings for us after we told him a few things about our palette preferences.

The space was warm, intimate, but still lively, and incredibly welcoming.  You know that warm and relaxed feeling you get on in the inside when you are about half way through a glass?  It was like all of your senses experienced that as soon as you walked in the door.

November 14, 2011

A great weekend…

March 9, 2011

My Love Affair is Over

It is big day for The Plastic Jungle…the food & wine category has changed to food & beer.  My serious love for hops and barley hit me when I was dining with a gf at Victor Tango’s Monday night.  I didn’t even glance at the wine list.  I went straight for the beer and ordered myself a Golden Monkey Tripel.  This isn’t the first time this has happened. I ignored it in the beginning like I ignore the fact that my natural hair color is not as blonde as I claim.  My love affair with Sauvignon Blanc is over.  I immediately texted the fiance to tell him that I had officially converted.  You would have thought I was a Catholic converting to Judaism (he would be Jewish in this example).  I think he fell in love with me all over again. Then he told me to order the Doggy Style.

I feel I should note that Victor Tango’s is worth an immediate visit for 3 reasons.  I will visit again and again for #3.

  1. Their excellent taste in music
  2. The adult beverages
  3. Ahi Tuna Nachos
October 11, 2010

I have a confession…

I have a food confession.  I, the self proclaimed food snob, chose to dine at Olive Garden.  You have to give me a pass because we were traveling and starving.  I was craving salad and remembered commercials about endless salad and breadsticks. Here’s another confession…I liked it!  The salad and bread sticks were delicious (I ate the entire bowl that is meant for the table) and the $5.50 price tag is hard to beat.  They also had a wine tasting that afternoon which didn’t hurt.  We were visiting the bf’s family so you would assume I needed all the wine I could get my hands on.  But I actually like them, so the wine was just for my own pleasure.

I perused the rest of the menu and noticed how pricey it is.  Since when are “cheap” restaurants so expensive!  I wanted to whisper to the people next to me that they could go somewhere really good that’s not a chain and spend the same amount of money.

I doubt I will go back anytime soon.  Their ambiance isn’t really my thing.  I will always remember my $5.50 salad and free wine.

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